You will need
  • - new light bulb
  • - Allen key
  • - the user manual for the car
To begin replacing the lamp, remove the lamp. The operation is specified as mandatory in the manual. Without dismantling the headlight to perform the procedure will be almost impossible (in the case of replacing the bulb for the low beam or Parking lights).
Open the hood of the car. Take the socket wrench and with its help remove the nut located in the center of the engine compartment between headlamp and radiator. To reach it, move the wire. Remove the bolts. You see them at once: they are located on the upper half of the frame of the radiator.
After the preparatory work, do not try to remove the headlamp. First slightly lift it and pull to the side of the wing. Remove the pin from the radiator, which kept unscrewed the nut.
Slightly pull the headlight out of the socket. You will see two wire harness that must be disconnected. Harness on the bottom about the middle of the spotlight, is essential. To relieve pressure on the latch in its upper part.
The second wiring harness – swivel pull out with the bulb. To do this, turn 45 degrees counter-clockwise gray cartridge. Can remove the headlamp.
To replace the lamp, remove the cap from the low beam and tail light (located to the right when you hold spotlight purl side facing you). Remove broken fittings. If you replace the bulb for the tail light, be careful that it is fixed in the lamp housing together with the cartridge without the cap. Lamp low beam install the mustache up. This is the only correct one. In another setting, it will dazzle oncoming drivers.