Advice 1: How to establish a relationship with daughter in law

Conflicts between mother-and daughter-in-law can poison the lives of not only both of them, but to all loved ones. Requires mutual effort to establish friendly relations, even if each of the women is sure the truth on her side.
How to establish a relationship with daughter in law
The woman who became your son's wife is likely to claim the most important place in his heart. Try not to criticize the daughter-in-law. Neutral, from the perspective of the mother-in-law, remarks a young inexperienced girl can appreciate as an attack on their authority. If you think that it is not too successfully maintains the household, it is better not to impose her your opinion, and gently ask: "have you tried this method here? Maybe he'll be more comfortable?".
If you live together, do not try to take on all household tasks or, conversely, to pass it on to daughter-in-law. Agree on the division of responsibilities and try to observe the agreement. Do not force the daughter-in-law home help: insecure girl may decide that you questioned her ability of the housewife. Will have to firmly grasp that the room in which the family lives son, her legitimate territory. Do not enter them without knocking, not cleaned up without special request.
Remember in the presence of the daughter-in-law of former girlfriends son if only in a positive sense for her: "My son made a good choice." Do not discuss the shortcomings of the new relative to other people – surely she knows about these gossip. Don't insult her family. If the relationshipx with matchmakers there are problems, better to solve them as kindly as possible.
If you believe in the son quarrels with his wife daughter-in-law wrong, keep neutrality. Otherwise, when the young reconciled, you will have the reputation of the enemy and instigator of discord. If you think that the wrong son support daughter-in-law.
Sometimes, despite all the efforts to establish relations with the wife of the son does not work. Girl finds mother-in-law an enemy that threatens the love of her husband and the family budget, or needs to, so she became a lifetime sponsor of the young family. In this case it would be wiser to stop trying to make friends with the daughter-in-law. Communicate with your son and his wife just be polite. Don't let yourself be used, you have earned the right to a quiet life and help his children.

Advice 2: How to establish a relationship with teen

Adolescence surprised not only children but also their parents. The teenager is not really aware of the changes taking place with him. And parents are not ready to perceive it in new ways. All this leads to the fact that prior contact between the child and parents is crumbling, and the teenager withdraws into himself.
How to establish a relationship with teen
Try to focus on the positive traits your child often and to praise him. Do not skimp on the praise, because, as you know, "praise inspires". Praise your child-teenager, even if you feel that perform a particular task or work, he could have been much better.
Limit yourself to accidentally blame the teenager. At this age children are too critical comments. Escaped from your lips claim can lead to serious consequences: the teenager will "cheat" and develop all sorts of negative thoughts, which can then be complexes and low self-esteem.
Unobtrusively interested in their child's life. But remember: no lectures! Criticism and notation – enemies relationship with your childisa teenager!
Try to become your child a real friend. If you manage to find the "Golden key" to your young child, you will be able to achieve what the son or daughter will be very Frank with you, which in turn will give you the opportunity to adjust the actions of the child and protect him from evil influence.
All discussions with a child-teenager and teachings lead only in a friendly way. If you feel that the peak of emotional tension increases, postpone the conversation until the feelings subside. Remember: before you start a conversation with a child-a teenager, with him to make eye contact.
Share with a child their life experiences. However, in no case do not take the whole burden of his mistakes, as this may cause the teenager in the future will not be able to solve problems independently.
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Do not despair if you have made attempts to establish a relationship with a teenager was not a success! Remember: you actually have much more capacity to influence your child than you think.

Advice 3: Who's daughter-in-law

Who have you the son of your cousin or sister, who is the daughter-in-law and who is she the daughter-in-law, and daughter-in-law who is in all of this is easily understood by our ancestors. Today the question: what is the difference between uterine and consanguineous brothers and sisters, who's father-in-law, sister-in-law, brother-in-law – to answer is not everyone.
Who's daughter-in-law

Cases of bygone years

Words denoting the different degrees of relationship and property through two or more generations in the Russian language, perhaps more than in any other. In any case, from Hollywood movies at the hearing only cousins and cousins. But in the Russian lexicon that hard to remember. Frankly, we gradually become accustomed to do without these words. They moved into the category of historicism and archaisms, but once those words were the everyday vocabulary of our ancestors.

It is noteworthy that words such as bro, SIS, SIS – originally meant cousin and sister, this is the same Western cousins. While in Europe the meaning of cousin/cousin more than a cousin and sister. The word also refers to all living relatives of one generation in the lateral line. In any case, so it was in Srednevekovaia. If the relatives of approximately the same age, cousin/cousin could be uncle and aunts.

Who daughter-in-law, and daughter-in-law who just

In the "Explanatory dictionary of the living great Russian language" VI Dahl word "daughter in law" means "synove a wife, a daughter-in-law". The author further adds, that this word should also understand the wife brother-in-law and wife of the two brothers to each other. Judging by the addition of a daughter-in-law daughter-in-law can name and the wife's brother sister-in-law and sister-in-law – wife's siblings – each other, and, probably, even then, and my mother-in-law daughter-in-law calls daughter-in-law too.

In the "Dictionary of Russian of S. I. Ozhegova" under the editorship of correspondent member of as USSR N. Yu. Shvedova (23 edition) that word stands for its definition: "daughter-in-law, a woman against the father and mother of her husband, sister-in-law".

At the same time, in the "Explanatory dictionary of Ushakov," it is written: "the wife of the son against the father, father-in-law (but not to my mother, mother-in-law!). This is also the opinion of "Small collegiate dictionary," published by the Russian language Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.


There is a non-scientific interpretation of the origin of the word "in-law" from the verb "to bear." Supposedly, entering the house to her husband's parents, the young wife dutifully obliged to endure all the hardships of a new life, the pangs and nagging mother-in-law. This, of course, folklore.

Etymological dictionaries claim that the word daughter-in-law goes back to the same basis as that of the son. Dahl, after the title of the dictionary entry "in-law" in brackets added: "that is synoxa". However, some, including "the Etymological dictionary M. Vasmer," indicate the relationship of the word with the Indo-European root sneu – knit. Hence the Russian "warp", displaying the value of: "daughter-in-law – then glue". In common parlance, a good daughter-in-law mother-in-law calls snosenko.
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