Advice 1: How to revive Azalea

Azalea among novice gardeners is considered a "difficult" plant due to the fact that often hurts, especially when changing the place of residence, exposure to direct sunlight or after flowering. The symptoms occur rapidly: in a few days the leaves are covered with spots and wither. To revive the wilted Azalea possible - this will require time and certain skills.
How to revive Azalea
You will need
  • - the ground;
  • - ice;
  • - cold water;
  • - boric or citric acid;
  • - pine needles;
  • - ash or activated carbon;
  • - sand
  • - Zircon.
Remove the Azalea from the pot with soil and dip the roots in a basin or bowl with cold water. Gently and very carefully with your fingers, rinse the roots, trying to free from clods of earth to avoid damage. After the root system is freed from the substrate (it may take more than one hour, especially the first time) for a few minutes lower azaleas under running cold water.
Cut the faded leaves of the plant and plant washed azaleas in freshly prepared soil. Use a special substrate for this species flowers, or use all-purpose soil and add some sand and ash (or activated carbon). The next day will cover the ground in a pot with ice, make irrigation of very cold water. Avoid direct sunlight on the plant, especially if reanimiruyet azaleas in the summer.
Take a quart jar settled within two days of water, add a few drops of pharmacy boric acid. The resulting solution water the azaleas for a few days, until visible results. Once a week can be used instead of boric acid the drug, regulating plant growth, for example, "Zircon", at the rate of two or three drops in a glass of water. If damage has occurred only a small part of the flower, try to pour it with water, acidified with citric acid.
Put the pot with the transplanted Azalea on a tray with wet expanded clay. Keep the plant in a draft, it is not afraid of the cold. Valid on hot summer day to put the flower in the fridge. A day watering the azaleas in the bathroom running cold water through shower heads. If possible, lay on the top layer of soil in the pot with pine needles. And often pay attention to the sick plant, iron leaves, talk to him. It is believed that the Azalea is very receptive to positive and negative energy mood of the owners.

Advice 2: How to revive a laptop battery

Most batteries of modern notebooks lend themselves to good recovery. Sometimes it is enough just to install the necessary program or use the built-in function mobile computer. But most often need mechanical intervention into the structure of the battery.
How to revive a laptop battery
You will need
  • Knife;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - multimeter;
  • - the cyan-acrylate glue.
First, determine the type of battery used in your laptop. Usually it is a Nickel metal hydride (older models) or lithium-ion (relatively new) items. To do this, visit the website of the manufacturer of the mobile computer. Sometimes it contains information about the methods of recovery of the battery by using the utility built into the BIOS.
If to revive the battery using the program is impossible, remove the battery from the laptop previously unplugging it from the mains. Disassemble the battery and remove all items from the unit.
When working with Nickel metal hydride batteries using these steps. Separate from each other all the batteries. There may be more than ten pieces. Prepare a few light bulbs. It is better to use a car bulb (21 watts). Solder the wires to them and connect one lamp to each battery. Leave the device for about 10 hours. It is necessary to completely discharge the batteries.
Now load all the elements. You can use the power supply of the mobile computer and the aforementioned lamp. Connect the bulb to the batteries in series and connect the battery with the charging block of a laptop. Repeat the cycle of discharge and charge elements 2 more times. After that, collect the battery and connect it to the laptop.
When working with lithium-ion batteries, you will need the cyan-acrylate glue. Without it you will not be able to connect the elements after recovery. Be sure to fully discharge the battery. Remove all batteries from the case and carefully detach the interconnected units. They usually consist of two or three batteries. To do this you have to unsolder the metal plate connecting the battery.
the block of batteries lithium-ion battery
Measure the voltage of each element. If it is significantly below 3.7 V, the unit will need to be replaced. Using 5-Watt lamps lower the voltage of each cell up to 3.1 V. This same procedure be done with new batteries. Assemble the battery, insert it into the laptop and connect the charger.
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