You will need
  • - pits from peaches;
  • - soil;
  • - flower pot;
  • - cellophane.
Buy big and ripe peaches. Eat the flesh and leave the bones as seeds. But it is impossible to say with certainty that he will adopt all the varietal characteristics of the parent tree. And not the fact that the fruit on it at all. But to try to grow "exotic" wood is still possible.
Prepare fertile soil and get deep flower pot. To take soil from the garden is not desirable, as it contains too few nutrients which are necessary for normal plant growth. If you want to grow a peach in the garden, dig the hole and be sure to add organic fertilizer.
Soak the peach seeds in a glass of warm water per week is needed for seeds to swell and germinate faster. 5-7 days plant them in a prepared container and pour water at room temperature. Put a flower pot on the window sill. When planting in the open ground bury a bone to a depth of 8 cm, cover the hole with cellophane.
Wait until sprouts appear. It may take several months. Since the seeds can not germinate, it is recommended to plant several seeds in different pots. If you used tape, remove it in the daytime, and at night re-cover your young trees so they are not falling dew.
Make the budding of dormant buds, when the tree height reaches 10-15 cm If you want to make the inoculation (germinating kidney to the neck of the root), then wait until spring next year. In principle, it is possible to do without it, if you do not aim to collect a large harvest from a peach tree.
Shape crown by removing weak and dry twigs. Also you can give it any shape that you like. This should be done when the plant will be a year since planting.
Provide tree abundant watering. If you grow a peach in a flower pot, make a hole in the bottom, through him, dripping excess moisture. Make fertilizer in early spring. In a few years there will be first fruits.