You will need
  • - seeds or annual seedlings;
  • - pots;
  • - complex mineral fertilizers;
  • - grunt.
If you decide to grow a seedling tree or shrub, do not forget that tree species have seasonal cycles of development: the awakening, evolving, gaining strength in the spring and summer and prepare for the rest "fall asleep" in autumn and winter.
Try not to disrupt the seasonal rhythm of life of the tree, because it inevitably leads to violation of its development and even death. The stages of development of seedlings in the home must coincide with its phases of development in vivo.
If you plant, for example, the acorn of an oak in autumn, in spring you will surely appreciate a small growing tree. But the situation that most often occurs after transplanting in the open ground, it is often deplorable. Such plants simply die in the first year of life, having survived his first winter. However, when planting an acorn in the spring to fall in your pot will show off a saplingthat can be transplanted into the open ground, not fearing that he will not survive the winter cold.
To grow the plant at home, take the seeds or annual seedlings, which often grow under Mature trees. Interestingly, seedlings at home take root better. Proper care and attention helps the plant to gain strength and subsequently promotes the growth of strong and healthy tree. In the first days after transplantation of the escape don't forget to water it and expose it to direct sunlight.
Please note that the seedlings of trees and shrubs need more intense light than most houseplants. If your Windows face North or most of the day shaded, without additional lighting to grow strong seedlings will be difficult. Even for maple or Linden, which are particularly shade-tolerant, the lack of lighting might be fatal.
Give your sapling a separate container and sufficient land. Here follow a General rule: the more land, the better developed escape. For growing annual seedlings of coniferous tree species use pots with a capacity of 150-200 ml, deciduous, except oak Run 500-700 ml. of oak needed more space from 700 to 1000 ml.
Choose the soil for your ward. You can use almost any type of soil mix for growing flowers and seedlings, preferring loose, light and air-permeable soils based on peat.
Follow the soil moisture and regularly fertilize your seedlings complex mineral fertilizers for home plants, which can be purchased at any specialty store. Pay attention to the instructions for use.
With the onset of Sep prepare your Pets for planting in the open ground. While not cold, put the pots in some time on the air, tempering and preparing them thus for the winter. Then transplant. Planted with the seasonal changes of the trees, quickly "remember" the natural environment and in the winter under the snow better bear the cold.