You will need
  • - component Synaptic Package Manager.
  • disc with the program.
Next, you will learn the process on one of the most famous versions of Linux - Ubuntu. For many novice users to run the install programs it is better to use Synaptic Package Manager, which enables hassle-free to perform this procedure.
To run the component, select System, then Administration and Synaptic Package Manger. In the resulting window, enter the administrator password. A window will appear which will have a list available to install programs. If no one that you require, you can use the search and find it on the Internet. You can search by different criteria, for example, "Games", "Programs".
Select the desired program. In front of her mark, then select Mark for installation. Now install the application is running. Will start downloading your chosen program and after its completion the installation process of the application. Now all you need is to wait for the completion of the procedure. Close the window by clicking on Close. The installation program is complete.
If you do not have Internet access, you can install programs from disk. To start, insert the media into the optical drive of the computer. Now open the Synaptic Package Manager. Next, go to "Settings" - "Repositories" - "Ubuntu Software" - "Software of third party" - "Add a CD".
Further, the installation process is identical to the steps described above, only without the downloading procedure of the program. In Ubuntu all installed programs are divided into relevant categories ("Internet", "Graphics", "office", "Games", etc.). Just select the desired section, locate the program and run it.