Browsing through "Terminal"

To view the running processes in the system, press the Ctrl and T on the keyboard. You can also call the terminal through the shortcut on the desktop (if available) or the menu "Applications" in the upper part of the window Manager Gnome. To access the menu using KDE, use the bottom panel of the system, and similar "Programs". In the appeared window using the keyboard, type the query to ps and press Enter. Before you will see a list of processes running in the current session of the system. If you are working as root ("Administrator"), type this command sudo ps –ax to view all of the executable programs.

Using ps, you can only view currently running tasks. Alternative top command allows you to monitor the processes that are currently running in the system, and a memory area which is occupied by other users of the network or computer. In this top produces a display of real-time tasks that allow you to monitor the activity of running programs.

The removal processes is performed by calling the kill command. The list of available settings for application control can be accessed by typing kill –l. To remove a specific task from memory, you must specify the ID of the command (e.g., kill, top). For sversheniya tree of processes use the query killall (for example, killall vmware).

Control via a graphical interface

In repositories or Synaptic "package Manager", you can download graphic programs that allow you to manage running processes. To view the task list, you can select the YaST tool, which also allows you to change some system settings. To manage the applications in KDE you can use KDE System Guard.

In the GUI there is also GNOME applet "System monitor". To activate it, right click on the upper or lower pane, and then click "Add applet" - "System monitor" ("add to panel" - "Applets" - "System monitor"). Then click on the corresponding icon with the left mouse button. You will see a list of processes. View all running apps by choosing menu "View" - "All processes". To view or delete the running task in the appropriate line, click the right mouse button and select "Finish". If necessary, you may need to enter the root password, if you want to stop execution of the program of another user.