What do you need in order to successfully grow mushrooms? To create certain conditions.

1. Lighting

The lack of mushrooms the urgent need in lighting is growing not only in greenhouses and outdoors, but also in basements. Some gardeners successfully grow these mushrooms under the canopy of trees, this neighborhood for mushrooms is quite comfortable.

2. The ground

The most important and the most difficult question for those who plan to grow mushrooms, it is, of course, create optimal soil. This is important for increasing the yield of mycelium and to maximize the period of fruiting. The optimal composition for the successful cultivation of mushrooms is manure, preferably horse, but experience shows that excellent results can be achieved using cowhide. However, cow manure must be diluted with a mixture of leaf compost, straw, and urea and lime. After preparing the soil, you must cover it with a thick material and let stand at least 15 days. The sign of readiness of the soil for planting mushroom is the complete disappearance of the smell of ammonia, which is characteristic of urea.

3. Planting mushroom

Once the mycelium is acquired, it is necessary to properly land. To do this, after preparing the soil, you need to study the manual, which is always present in the mycelium. Presented here is information about the depth and other characteristics of planting. It is important to know accurate information about the variety of mushrooms, as the specifics of the planting may vary depending on their grade. Under artificial growing indoors usually the mycelium should be planted no deeper than 20 centimeters. Once the mycelium is planted, moisten the ground with spray several times a day. The top layer of soil should always be moist but not overly wet. The period of proliferation of mycelium is usually 2 weeks after its occurrence, it is possible to reduce the intensity of irrigation and to focus on the humidity in the room should be 50%.