Advice 1: How to dream more often

Falling asleep, the person is dipped into the wonderful world of fantasy and dreams. During sleep it can relax from everyday problems and difficulties. But, unfortunately, not all people can boast of the ability to see dreams egenocide.
How to dream more often
To bed should be prepared thoroughly: check if locked the door, switched off the lights throughout the apartment - it is important that you are not distracted from healthy sleep. Anxiety and anxiety will not bring your life happy and colorful dreams - only nightmares and chaotic confusion.
Ventilate your room - a light breeze will freshen and enrich the oxygen in the room. If your room has air conditioning, lower the temperature by a few degrees, this is especially good for the sleep in the stifling summer night. Air, rich with oxygen allows the body to relax and brain to let go of the subconscious at will, which will draw the wonderful world of dreams.
With attention to their sleeping place, the bed should be comfortable, the pillows fluffy. If you freeze overnight, owning a blanket or sleep in socks and pajamas. Feet have to be warm - it will calm and relax the body. Kick back, and concentrate on the fact that you wanted to see in the arms of Morpheus. Of course, lucid dreams are not all and not immediately, but practice can, in any case. Nothing should interfere with you to see dreams.
Try to ignore before bedtime from all problems and troubles, your mind should be clean and Idreamsm. If you feel a sense of anxiety and depression, drink before bedtime herbal infusions that can normalize sleep. In such cases, it would be useful tincture of motherwort, hawthorn, tea with mint or lemon balm.
Try to go to bed early. Healthy human sleep lasts about 7-8 hours. It contributes to the vision of colourful dreams. Lack of sleep, stress leads to a depletion of the nervous system that can cause nightmares or at the very least - the lack of dreams in General.
Usually the dreams people dream often, but they often don't remember them. There are a few simple exercises that will help you remember the dream in the morning. Lie down with the setting to remember a dream - even if most of the brain shuts down, the subconscious mind works continuously. Waking up, try changing posture, not opening my eyes. Perhaps in this situation the memory of the dream has exhausted itself.

Advice 2 : Why dream vivid dreams

The researchers claim that every sleeping person is dreaming, moreover, dreams are visited at all stages of sleep. Only some people dream vivid and colorful dreams, and someone in black and white.
Why dream vivid dreams
To give explanations to the "format" of the dream are not yet able to give even scientists, but there are somewhat proven assumptions.

Version of the birth of dreams

So, it is believed that each person dreams in color and black-and-white dream, and the brighter and richer the day passed, the more you can see his "reflection" in my sleep.

According to another version, dream can see only the people suffering from disorder of the nervous system or patients with schizophrenia. This theory is difficult to accept, because it turns out that 80% of people on planet Earth - schizophrenics...

Vivid dreams come to sleeping with high intelligence. But this hypothesis was disproved by scientists using surveys with different segments of the population. The intellectual level does not affect the dream's content or its type.

Curiously, colorful dreams appeared only with the advent in the life of a color film. This observation was based on a study of the dreams of people of different generations. And as it turned out, the youth, who from birth is watching colour TV, sees vivid dreams much more often than people who were born during the black-and-white cinematography. However, there are those who doubt the veracity in this argument, arguing that older people simply earn less emotion than active youth.

There is one interesting clarification: in dreams, like reality, is in the right side of the brain, which is actively developed at the "lefties", that is, it is believed that such people have dreams more vividly and realistic. Scientists claim that if you want your dreams become more memorable, you just need to develop your left hand.


We can confidently say that sleep is a "second life" of every sleeper, so if you want your dreams were more vivid, colourful and memorable, it is necessary first to saturate the everyday life of the same emotions and experiences. Because a dream is just a reflection of what you see, feel and experience every day.

If you carefully interpret your dreams, you can look deep inside yourself. About the desires that lie in the subconscious, about your mental state and even physical health you can learn from his own dreams.

I would also like to note that if you are constantly having the same painful and black-and-white dreams, you may need something urgently to change in your real life.

Advice 3 : How to interpret dreams about dead parents

It is believed that the dead mother and father visit the dreams of their children to help them, to help, to guide to the straight path. Dreams in which people hugging with their now deceased parents, are considered favorable.
Dreams about deceased parents are of different value

To dream of dead parents. The Dream Miller

Gustav Miller reports that now-deceased parents, prividevshayasya in a warm and cozy atmosphere, symbolize prosperity. If dreamt by the father or the mother scold the person in the dream, in reality this may mean the disapproval on their part. Apparently, the dreamer is doing something wrong. Talking in your sleep with the dead parents – to aid in reality.

Gustav Miller shares all the dreams about deceased parents into two groups: the first group – dreams that occur with living parents, the second group of dreams that occur after their true death. In principle, the Miller in both cases, does not see anything wrong. On the contrary, dreams about deceased parents that occurs when still alive mom and dad, talking about their longevity.

Deceased parents in a dream. Dream Interpretation Freud

Sigmund Freud calls such dreams are symbols of human regrets about his missed opportunities, about any memories and past success. If the dreamer sees his parents died, while in reality they live, this may indicate a subconscious desire to sleep of their death. Freud justifies such a violent interpretation: apparently, once parents let the dreamer in implementing its plans, for which he is greatly offended.

Deceased parents in a dream. Dream interpretation of the XXI century

According to these interpretations, to dream of dead parents – to wealth and happiness. If you had a deceased father, coming lost: the dreamer will lose his inheritance. Talking in your sleep – dead father to a correct understanding and reinterpretation of spiritual values. No need to argue in my sleep with their parents, especially dad, as this may lead to a decline in business.

To dream of dead mother – for warning against rash actions in reality. The dead mother often come in a dream to his sons to talk them out of some conceived doubtful of the actions that can get them sideways. In addition, the mother in a dream symbolizes change for the better, but sometimes you can dream in front of a serious illness of the dreamer or before his own death.

Deceased parents. Dream world

The interpreters of the dreams say that dreams warn of the impending danger. You need to be more cautious with strangers. To talk in a dream with deceased parents - get some important news happening. To swear in the dream with the now deceased mother and father – to boredom for them in reality. The dreamer apparently had before them the guilt. Bad dream is one in which the deceased parents to last a dreamer his hand, calling for him.

Advice 4 : What dreams gold chain

This dream is very symbolic. It is advisable to remember all of its details. There is an important role your mood. If after waking up you are in high spirits, this dream is a favorable sign. Dreams that leave a heavy depressing aftertaste, warn of impending problems.
What dreams gold chain

If you found a gold chain, it is a good sign that suggests that you expect a favorable period in life.

In the dream you see a gold chain on the neck of another person. This dream suggests that you devote too much time to other people interested in the details of their intimate life.

To dream of a chain around his neck means commitment and faithfulness to your life principles. In the near future, you turn to someone for help. There will come a time when you will be able to Express themselves.

To dream of a gold chain with pendant

In such suspension dream means meeting with a person of mutual interest. For a chain with a pendant is a symbol of fidelity and family relations. More detailed information can give the quality, color and shape pendants. For example, if you had a huge pendant with a bright stone, it could mean endless devotion and harmony at family front.

To dream of a gold chain with a cross

If you found in a dream a gold chain with a cross, then soon your family wedding will take place. The details of the dream will help you to understand the details. If you dream you someone gives a chain with a cross, you can expect a pleasant acquaintance with a man who for a very long time will play a significant role in your life. However, if the cross is too large, then most often this dream can portend a rough patch in your life and a big problem. You will be held hostage to the situation and can not in any way affect the outcome of future events.

In the dream of the Golden chain is broken

The chain symbolizes the journey of life, so if it breaks in the dream, it could mean health problems. If in the dream the chain breaks and it falls pendant, you should pay attention to the physical health of people close to you. Also this dream could signify the collapse of all plans and hopes, especially if the chain breaks and it falls with the cross.

In the dream gave you a gold chain

Such a dream suggests that a person who is near you, ready to open your heart and treat you with great sympathy.

To buy a gold chain in a dream

This dream symbolizes the collapse of all plans and hopes. You just set myself unrealistic goals, so they, unfortunately, just not implemented in reality. You are cheating yourself. Is to understand yourself and to reconsider plans for the future.

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