Advice 1: How to determine the curvature of the nasal septum

According to statistics, every second adult human nasal septum curved. The degree of curvature may range from slight deformation to complete overlap of one of the nasal passages. About the deviated septum of the nose can be judged by the subjective feelings and objective signs.
How to determine the curvature of the nasal septum
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Curvature most often occurs in people with injuries of the nose, both in early childhood and in adulthood. The bones of the nose can be injured during childbirth, the appearance will be imperceptible and manifest only a violation of nasal breathing afterwards. Childhood rickets also contributes to violation of process of formation of the facial bones of the skull. Has the significance of hereditary predisposition to the disease, because there are family cases of congenital curvature of the septum of the nose.
The main symptom is difficulty breathing through one or both nostrils. In the case of strong curvature of the breath of one half of the nose may be completely absent. The outflow of secretions of the mucosa of the nose and paranasal sinuses are disrupted, resulting in frequent Renita and sinusitis.
When the curvature of the septum of the nose is deteriorating sense of smell. This is due to the fact that the deformed bone and cartilage prevent entry of air in the upper turbinate, where is the olfactory area.
Curvature can occur twang, as a function of the resonator cavity of the nose in this case is lost. In addition, people with a deviated septum of the nose, noisy breathing, which is especially heard when breathing during sleep.
The deformation of the bone and cartilage parts of the septum of traumatic origin can be seen by comparing the symmetry of the right and left halves of the face. The curvature of the lower part of the cartilage can be noticed when looking at the nasal cavity from below upward.
Best of all, the presence of the disease will determine the ENT doctor at objective examination. Nasoscopes used for rhinoscopy, allow to explore a large part of the septum. For the diagnosis of small curvatures and strains in remote places the endoscope is used.
Pathology can be seen on radiography of the skull in frontal and lateral projections, as well as computer tomography of facial bones.

Advice 2: How to fix the nasal septum

The septum of the nose is a thin plate of bone and cartilage that divides the cavity of the nose into left and right parts. Symptoms of curvature of the septum of the noserequiring surgical correction may include: crusting, difficulty breathing and frequent nosebleeds.
How to fix the nasal septum
Can do the surgery, which involves removing only the curved portion of bone or cartilage. It's called "resection of the septum of the nose under the mucosa". In the course of surgery performed the incision inside the nose, so the scar the result will be not visible. In this case the mucous membrane that covers the septum of the nose, is preserved. After the operation on the partition will remain hole - just it will be thinner and consist of fibrous tissue and not from cartilage. In some cases, if the curvature is removed a large plot not only cartilage but also the bone. In this case, that the shape of the nose has not changed on the outside, in place of the inserted the cartilage bone smooth plate of the most profound divisions of the nose. This operation is called septoplasty.
At the end of the operation, the specialist fills the cavity of the nose with a sterile gauze swab pre-soaked with the ointment. The tampon helps to keep the sheets of the mucous membrane, and does not allow between them to accumulate blood. It removed only two days after the operation.
The operation of the septum of the nose, usually performed under local anesthesia. At the same time for half an hour prior to an upcoming procedure, make a premedication, that is administered special drugs that reduce the sensitivity of the patient and enhance the effect of the local anesthetic. Further, in the beginning of the operation the mucous membrane is smeared with anesthetic, and inject it in the septum of the nose. It provides sufficient anesthesia for the surgery.
Fix the partition of the nose with a laser. If to cauterize the cartilage with a laser, it will start to bend. However the indications for this operation are limited to only cases of curvature of the cartilage at a constant condition of the bone partition of the nosethat is quite rare. Done this procedure without detachment of the mucous membrane itself. Therefore, such an operation can be perform on an outpatient basis. There are also disadvantages to this method of correcting the septum of the nose - severe burns of the mucous healing for a long time with the formation of massive crusts.

Advice 3: A deviated septum is: is it worth to fix?

A deviated septum will have to be corrected with surgery – septoplasty. The sooner the better, because this organic defect in the future can cause a lot of complications.
The operated septum in about a week and a half to fully heal
A deviated septum is rarely congenital. This is usually the result of trauma. Especially in childhood, when toddlers learn to walk and often fall. While teenagers often get such injuries in fighting sports.

Many parents do not attach importance to them, seeing the curvature only acceptable cosmetic defect. Especially when the owner of such a nose – boy. And this is misleading.

Long-term effects

Anatomical defect of the nasal septum makes itself felt much later, in a few decades. Due to the deformation of the nasal passages air flows into the lungs with difficulty, and the body chronically loses the required amount of oxygen.

Oxygen starvation affects almost all organs. The first signs – yawning, drowsiness, and headaches, frequent depression.

The main target of chronic hypoxia becomes itself nasal apparatus, dried and thinning the mucous membranes of the nose can cause nasal bleeding and disorders of smell.

Those who have deformed nasal passages, often suffer from rhinitis, a pharyngitis, which become chronic. Appears snoring. Brings a lot of suffering sinusitis, when I have to fight inflamed sinuses.

Oxygen starvation is very harmful to the brain – can slow down mental development. For the heart is forced to work in a constantly busy schedule. Over time it can grow and become hypertrophic. In addition, rapidly developing hypertension.

Oddly enough, the curvature of the nasal septum can cause the weakening of hearing. People hears worse in his left ear, if more narrowed left nostril, and Vice versa. May worsen also vision.

Finally, because of a defect of the nasal septum is limited to the physical capabilities of man. At higher loads, it doesn't have enough air, and develops dyspnea.

There is a solution!

Septoplasty – straightening of the nasal septum – has long been a common operation in ENT practice. It is performed under local anesthesia, when the curvature is negligible. If surgical aid is quite big and long, using General anesthesia.

In General terms the operation is as follows: either remove the deviated bone or nasal septum is heated using a laser or electrocautery. Cartilage plate becomes soft and easy to straighten.

Then in both nasal stroke impose tight gauze turundy that support the new shape of the cartilage. After cooling, it hardens, and the nose retains the shape imparted. And no plaster, as it was before!

The only thing that is quite annoying – you have to survive the first days after surgery. Because nasal breathing is blocked, and you have to breathe a dry mouth. But what a joy when turundy removed and is completely free to breathe full breast!

Advice 4: Dream interpretation: blood from the nose

Blood is a symbol of life, energy, strength and power. When a person loses it that he loses his vitality. Consequently, the dreams in which the person is bleeding, talking about the loss of his powers. One of the most popular bloody dreams – blood, running nose. You should follow his interpretation of the different dream books.
The dream of nose bleeds, could spell both pleasure and sorrow.

Dream interpretation Vanga: blood from nose

According to Vanga dream book, to lose in my sleep the blood from the nose – to the loss of vital energy. Apparently, next to the dreamer is a parasite is an energy vampire, or a bit of a provocateur. You need to reconsider your social circle. In General, to determine the value of such dreams, you need to remember what the dreamer was experiencing feelings and emotions. To get blood their clothes, then in reality have some hidden enemies and the envious. They can prevent the dreamer in the implementation of certain plans. You need to quickly calculate these people and distance myself from them.

Bleeding from the nose. General interpretation

The lunar dream interpreters do not see anything wrong in the blood reaching the nose. They believe that the dream speaks about the imminent help someone on the part of the dreamer. Moreover, according to the dream book, to dream of blood, running nose, signifies a pleasant meeting with relatives. Often such a dream promises some favorable news. Dream interpretation Miller so interprets this very picture: to wipe his own blood coming from nose, hence, to obtain in a short time some profit earned in a dishonest way. Dirty in the blood of their clothes – to a large financial waste. To stain the blood of his hands to perish, which will bring detractors.

If the blood, running nose, dripping on the palm of the dreamer, then soon it can descend to the uninvited guests. Most likely, their visit will not cause a host of sleep much joy. So says a family dream book. Incidentally, such a dream can speak and about the sleeping of a disease. If blood flows from the nose Creek, the coming troubles, problems, sorrows. Perhaps in the life of the dreamer comes a difficult period. If in the dream clearly understood that the blood from his nose not his own, but someone else's, some heavy changes are coming in the country: it is possible catastrophes, disasters, wars.

According to the dream book Tsvetkov, lose their own blood coming from the nose, means to wallow in their own problems. If the dreamer drink his own blood, in life, he's a narcissist. This person needs to reconsider their views on life, to change their behavior in society, to stop being arrogant. According to English dream interpretation, profuse bleeding from the nose may be a harbinger of the loss of a dear person. For people preparing for the wedding, this dream can become a disappointment: their marriage is not destined to happen.

Advice 5: How to identify a broken nose

The nose is the most prominent part of the face, so it people hurt the most. Nasal fractures are quite common – they come in several types, depending on what can be complicated or to coalesce relatively quickly. To be able to define this kind of fracture is quite important not to miss time for his treatment.
How to identify a broken nose
Nasal fractures are without bias and with a mix of bone fragments. Treatment is assigned depending on the first or second kind, since the fracture without displacement is a lighter injury, namely, a crack in the bone. A displaced fracture is a serious injury and usually entails a number of unpleasant consequences, as well as longer treatment, accompanied by various physiotherapeutic procedures.
Also distinguish between open and closed fractures of the nose – in the first case, the integrity of the skin and the periosteum (tissue that protects the bone) remains intact, whereas in the second it is damaged and in the wound you see the bone and bone fragments. With an open fracture of the nose blood loss increases significantly – as well as the risk of falling into the wound of any infection that threatens serious complications.
After the injury you should first gently palpating nose. If there is pronounced pain, probably the nasal bone is actually broken and requires urgent medical attention. In addition, a broken nose is usually characterized by a strong swelling of the damaged area, and subsequent bruising under the eyes, reminiscent of a kind of glasses – they usually appear immediately, but some time after the injury.
Also characteristic symptom of a broken nose is shortness of breath, which in severe fractures becomes almost impossible. If you suspect such an injury of the nasal septum it is necessary to seek help in a medical facility where the doctor will examine and identify the nature of the injury by assigning an appropriate treatment. In the survey it propellerom the damaged area, identifying any debris from the crack or broken bone structure of the nasal septum, and send the victim to x-ray room where x-rays will be performed of the nasal bones. If the picture is determined by a displaced fracture, the patient will be held reposition (reset) of the bone fragments in place and assigned the further course of treatment.
Despite the fact that nasal fractures are always accompanied by bleeding, not all cases of epistaxis suggests that the nose is broken.
Useful advice
When fracture of the nasal bones, the nose often changes form, shifting to the side, or West on the damaged area.
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