So, there are several methods of investigation of pandering.
It should be noted that in Russia there is an international research group TNS, which examines public opinion concerning the television market. Basically, the research is conducted using a special device — pipemeter, which is mounted on the TV panel. He looks like a receiver for the reception of NTV-plus. Attached is a special remote when pressing the buttons which, the people-meter records how much time, when, and even which of the family members were watching a particular channel. Once a day, information is sent to the Central node of data collection, where they are processed and synchronized. These experiments involved a family whose members, over the age of 4, living in cities with population over 100 thousand people. Among them is a preliminary survey to determine the age group, social status, wealth, etc. involved approximately 4,000 people in more than 70 cities of Russia. Families participating in the study, with pepler, once a year get from the group of TNS gifts.
Among other ways of determining popular television time are as follows:
- telephone survey;
- diary panel, when the audience-participants fill in diaries indicating the viewed program;
- the use of a special device located on the belt and recording the audio signal from the TV;
- calculation of rating of equipment, the channel's jump in the power consumption of the network.
And yet, piplette is given the leading place for determining the most accurate calculations and obtain reliable information on indications search. What causes them to move through the broadcasting network channel, and planning of advertising time and material.