You will need
  • Sugar or wax strips, tweezers, mirror, machine hair removal, electrolysis apparatus
Electrolysis is one of the most reliable ways of getting rid of excess facial hair. Hair follicles are processed using a special needle that penetrates to the root of each hair, and passes to it a weak electric current. The procedure is performed in a beauty salon by an experienced beautician. The removal of hair from upper lip may take a total of up to 10 hours. Similar removal of vegetation from the chin takes up to 15 hours. The cost of one procedure ranges from 25 to 100 euros. The cost depends on the size of cultivated area.
Photoepilation (hair removal on face laser) is not only one of the most reliable and painless, but the fastest method of long term hair removal on the face. Removal of antennae will take about a minute. In this method, the hair follicles affected by short beams of light that provokes the cessation of hair growth. One session removes about 1000 hairs. To completely remove a moustache a girl could need from three to seven sessions depending on the abundance of vegetation. The cost of one procedure can reach $500.
Sugar waxing – hair removal in problem areas using a special sugar strips. A similar method can be used at home and subject to regular repetition gives results comparable with the removal of hair in the beauty salon. The strip is superimposed on the problem area and pressed tightly. Then strip the sugar breaks down in one swift movement along with stuck hairs. Similarly, depilation using sugar strips is waxing. The undoubted advantage is the low cost of the procedure and the possibility of getting rid of the mustache and other unnecessary vegetation at home. The smoothness of the skin persists for three to six weeks.
The plucking. When a small number of hairs, use a proven method for centuries – visivite hairs with tweezers. Previously, the skin needs to steam and clean, so tweeze mustache preferably after a bath or shower. Lightly stretch the skin tightly, hold the hair with tweezers and a sharp movement pull it in the direction of growth. After the procedure, apply a skin soothing balm.
Chemical depilation. This method is one of the cheapest and easiest, however, to carry out the removal of facial hair with chemical depilatories to be very careful, as these products contain substances that can cause severe irritation.
Discoloration. Mustache and other unwanted hair on your face can discolor the conventional hydrogen peroxide. Due to this, the hairs are almost invisible and don't bring cosmetic discomfort. In addition to this regular bleaching leads to brittle hair and their subsequent breaking.