You will need
  • - spatula
  • - dry plaster
  • - masking tape
  • brush
  • construction mixer
  • - PVA glue
  • - primer of deep penetration
  • - fine-grained sandpaper
Remove from the seam cracked cement screed. Do this with a spatula or nozzles on the drill. Carefully scrub advanced seamthat there was not any large or small pieces fall out of the old filler.
Obispalia surface. Dilute the primer of deep penetration, as indicated on the label. The width of the brush select in accordance with the magnitude of the seam that you want to miss. The brush must be good to enter into the cracks, soaking the primer the entire surface to have good adhesion with the leveling compound.Dry the coated seam.
Hydrate dry stucco, as described in the instructions. Mix mass building mixer, to avoid lumps. If you dilute a small amount of mixture, you can stir with a spatula.
Complete prepared solution of all the cracks. If the crack is deep, apply the mortar in several layers. Every time a completely dry previous coat. If the seam between ceiling plates very wide, then fill it with foam. When it dries, cut the excess and apply a leveling compound.
When fresh plaster on the seam is completely dry, RUB the entire seam with white glue and stick the masking tape. The width of the masking tape should be more than a couple of inches than the seamfor greater strength. On top of the tape, apply putty. Dry and Polish the surface of fine-grained sandpaper.