You will need
  • - metal brush;
  • vacuum cleaner;
  • - sponge;
  • - polyurethane foam;
  • tape PSUL;
  • - polyurethane insulation;
  • - wooden shovel;
  • the mastic or sealant.
Remove all the trim from the inside wall, Wallpaper, drywall construction, ceramic tile, etc. Completely embroidered seam and clean it of debris. Not wishing to remove all of that flaking and falling off. Preterite all seams stiff wire brush, then mimetite all the trash. Use a vacuum cleaner with a long nozzle to clean the crack of debris and dust, if possible wipe it with a damp sponge.
Pick up polyurethane foam insulation, thickness of seam a little more (10-20%) and cutting it to fill the entire gap, with minimum number of joints. Please note, along the material to cut is impossible, because it loses its properties. Can be used as a hollow (tube) and solid insulation.
Take a can of foam and fill the seam along its entire length, using a gun with a long nozzle. Do not try to fill the seam completely, keep in mind that the foam during the expansion will increase by approximately 3 times. It will fill all voids and cracks and hardens only through the day. If the seam through, try to protect the foam from exposure to direct sun rays, paving the seam before filling the wide tape PSUL.
Not waiting for the moment when the foam hardens, right in her place polyurethane insulation. Using a wooden spoon to tamp it into the seam, being careful not to break accurately along the length of the dock.
Lay the insulation in between the panels the seam is tight, but not very deep, it must not protrude from the seam, but at the same time, should remain a place for mastic. Therefore, place it so that there is an indentation in mm. 1-3 once the design hardens, apply sealing paste, for example, any domestic sealant.
Instead of a heater can use shtukatury composition. In this case, fill the joint with 2/3 foam, and the rest of the seam, close the cement-sand mixture razed the seam with the inner wall. To avoid drying out and cracking of the seam, from time to time obrushivaet it with water, especially if you have time work on Central heating.