Advice 1: How to bend copper pipe

Copper tubes with diameter up to 28 mm pitch water. Length of pipe in the Bay is 50 metres away, which allows for installation without additional connections over large distances, thus it is often necessary to make a bend.
How to bend copper pipe
You will need
  • - gas burner;
  • a specialized pipe Bender;
  • specialized spring.
Working with copper pipes is much easier than with steel. Bending copper pipe on site, without involving additional experts. Annealed copper is very ductile and can be bent with your hands under a large radius. But to bend the pipe only once. After once made a bend ductility of the pipe is lost. You can restore it using a gas burner. Produce short-term heating, and quickly correct the bending in the desired direction.
It is also possible to produce large bending annealed copper pipes. Heat the right place gas burner, quickly make any required bending. At the wrong bend again heat the pipe, fix the bend in the right direction.
For small bending radius use special tools. Specialized tools are benders and springs.
The use of specialized bending helps to make the bend in the desired shape without heating or annealing. To use bending secure it at the desired location, bend the pipe in the desired direction at the desired degree. Bending pipes with a diameter of 28 mm can be done by anyone, but the internal diameter should be maintained not less than 14 mm in the final result. For more severe bending the flow of water in pipeline will be slowed down.
If you use a specialized coil springs always produce the copper heating pipe to a temperature of 450-550 degrees. After heating, quickly bend the pipe, pointing it in the right direction.
If you are working with copper tubing, internal diameter exceeding 28 mm, regardless of whether you use a pipe Bender or a spring, pre-heat the pipe up to 450-550 degrees. This type of heating is used for burnt and unburnt copper.
Large diameter pipe cannot be bent by hand without the use of tools and heating as it can be significant creases that will lead tube in a state of disrepair.

Advice 2: How to bend aluminum pipe

It is often necessary to bend under a certain angle aluminum tube. And if it is important that tube left tube and retained inside diameter, problems arise. Which, however, can be resolved.
How to bend aluminum pipe
You will need
  • - pipe Bender or
  • - machine tool Volnova or
  • - a spring of appropriate diameter or
  • the small sifted sand,
  • - a blowtorch or gas burner.
First, for these purposes commercially available and implemented in the free market pipe Bender, s of various types. Benders are stationary and manual. For domestic use well suited, for example, a pipe Bender for thin walled pipes. It can be used to bend copper, aluminum, thin-wall tube with plastic coated and stainless steel pipe from diameter 10 to 25 mm.
Before you begin, install the bending desired angle of flexion.
Take the machine in hand or clamp it in a vise.
Insert the tube and begin to bring arms.
Home craftsmen have been using the machine tool Volnova, which is easy to make yourself or order an experienced master.Figure: 1 — arm, 2 — clip, 3 — movable rollers, 4 — plate, 5 — roller-pattern, 6 — clamp, 7 — tube.Insert tube between rollers so that its end entered in the collar 7. Then the handle 3, turn the bracket around a stationary roller until you get the desired curve.
Return the handle to its original position and remove pipe.Clamp to clamp the long end of the pipe, and bend a short.
If neither bending, nor of the machine tool Volnova not, you can bend aluminum pipeusing the spring, a suitable diameter.Place the spring in a pipe in place of the bend and bend, preferably on the roller. The spring will keep the pipe wall from undesirable kneading.And the spring and the tube it is desirable to warm up.The spring then get fixed for the pre-wire.
Another old tried and tested craftsmen method.Fill the pipe with dry sifted sand.Plug the ends securely, so that during operation the sand is not squeezed.Secure the pipe in a vise and heat with a blowtorch or gas burner to the future site of bend.
If the paper, approached to the place of heating, begins to char, so the sand is hot.Start bending the pipe.
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