You will need
  • - gas burner;
  • - sifted river sand;
  • - tube Bender;
  • - bending machine;
  • - three roller machine together ;
  • cutter or an angle grinder;
  • soap.
To bend aluminum pipe, take river fine sand (sifted is better) and calcined it; the sand must be absolutely dry. Tamp it tightly into a tube and close it from both sides of wooden studs, and the second is better a hammer to make the sand more compact. Bend the pipe - if done correctly, it will bend smoothly and without corrugations ("accordion"). In no case do not violate the listed conditions, otherwise the pipe can go on an oval or even tear along the seam.
To facilitate bending, optionally heat pipe with sand burner - then the bending can be simply hand effortlessly.
If you need to bend a large number of tubes, buy a tube Bender to the desired diameter with the help of which you will be able to bend pipe easily and quickly. To further speed up the process, you have to heat the metal.
Another option is the flexible pipe: heat pipe aluminum to become plastic, fill it with water and freeze. When the water freezes, bend the pipe.
Put in the steel spring or plastic pipe to bend smoothly.
To bend the aluminum corner, heat it with a torch and in several stages, gradually bend.
For a quality flexible corner together use the three roller machine or press his mill, where there is a Board for area.
To smoothly bend the aluminum sheet, take a cutter, for example, machined from a thin file, and marked lines make wide incisions (grooves) with a depth of at least half of the thickness of the sheet. Then carefully bend the sheet in the direction of the grooves - the line would be very smooth. Cut into the sheet with a grinder - it limit the depth of incision and along the marked line exactly penetrate the sheet.
If you want to bend small sheet (0.5 m), put in place bend the metal channel, angle or wooden Board, clamp and pull through the sheet. Very carefully with a mallet for delicate work to bend the sheet.
Sheets of large size bend with bending machines.