You will need
  • The Windows installation disc.
For emergencies in the Windows operating systems provide a function to restore. Its use is possible only in the case if you have not turned off automatic backups, or independently activated checkpoint. Insert the disk with the Windows installation files in a DVD drive.
Then restart the computer. Tap several times the F8 key. Wait until the new menu. Highlight DVD-Rom and press Enter. Let the program from the disk to prepare some files necessary for further work.
If you are using Windows XP, then in the first menu, select "Recovery". To do this, press R. After you run the select menu, specify a previously created checkpoint. Click "Next" and wait for the recovery of the operating system.
If you are working with operating systems Vista or Seven, in the first menu select the language for the installation program. Click "Next". Go to "advanced restore options".
In the new window select "system Restore". Wait for the collection of information about existing OS. Select the relevant Windows and click the "Next" button. Click on the desired control point and again click "Next".
If you have created the backup of the system partition, the menu "recovery Options", select "Use a system image". Connect the device that contains the OS files. If you used to capture the image DVD media, insert the drive in the first disk.
Click "Next". Wait until the operation completes. When working with DVD media periodically insert the next disk. After the system restore, select the option to boot from the hard drive.