You will need
  • - WinSetupFromUSB;
  • - Hirens Boot CD.
Download and install on a computer dedicated application WinSetupFromUSB. Run the program and enter your removable USB drive in the opened application window.
Use the built-in utility Bootice to create a bootable partition on the drive and click Parts Manage. Click ReFormat USB disk in the Operation tab and use the check boxes in the fields USB-HDD mode and Allign to cylinder dialog box.
Confirm saving the changes by clicking Next, and select NTFS in the drop-down menu of the new File System dialog box. Type the desired volume name in the Vol Label line and confirm your selection by pressing the OK button.
Wait for the completion of the disk formatting and return to the main window of the utility Bootice. Update USB media by clicking the Refresh button, and use that appears, click Process MBR.
Apply the check box on the field GRUB4DOS 0.4.5 b MBR in the next dialog box and click Install/Config. Use the Save to Disk button in the next window and confirm the action selected in the alert window by clicking the OK button.
Again, return to the main window of the utility Bootice and click Process PBR. Apply the check box on the field GRUB4DOS 0.4.5 b in the dialog box and confirm your selection by pressing the button Install/Config. Click the OK button in the last window and exit the utility.
Return to the main window of WinSetupFromUSB application and specify the path to the installation files of Windows XP in the line Windows XP Setup. Specify the path to the image Hirens Boot CD in the string Parted Magic... Press the GO button.
Wait for Job Done message and close the application. Disconnect the drive and then start downloading it. Select Windows XP Setup in the window boot loader GRUB4Dos and select the First Part... in the next dialog box.
After the reboot, proceed with booting from removable media and select the Second Part... In the next dialog, use the Start command HBCD... and select "disk Breakdown" in the final the Downloader window.