TOP 10 proven ways to cool hot tea

1. You can keep ready in the freezer of a convenience ice cube. Add it to boiling water can significantly reduce the degree in a relatively short period of time.
Man invented many ways to cool the tea, which is also true for coffee.

2. Or use the grandmother's method - to drink tea from the saucer. The large surface of the liquid promotes better its evaporation, but already there is a cooling working of physical laws.

3. If you happen to work in places where there is access to liquid nitrogen, a small amount is able to turn boiling water into a refreshing drink. Do not overdo it, if you don't want to "grind" the tea. And observe safety precautions!

4. The following method can be called "Fool time". For this you need to pour the tea, put it on the workspace and just get distracted by the everyday routine. Clean the Basket, read the news, answer current emails, and there is... tea quietly become the desired temperature.

5. If it is winter or deep autumn, just roll down the window and put a Cup of boiling water from the cracks. The drink cool for a few minutes.

6. Well, if there's not milk and it is in the refrigerator. A small addition will significantly reduce the degree of tea.

7. People who are not experiencing warm feelings to milk, recommended just pour hot welding cold boiled water, pre-chilled in the decanter.

8. Method "come from childhood". Perhaps, in my childhood my parents have chilled the tea, just pouring it from Cup to Cup. This option works in the twenty-first century!

9. Make a "heat sink" of a few teaspoons. Put several of Cutlery in boiling water, and it cools down very quickly.

10. For lovers of tea "vprikusku" boiling water is just not a problem. Dunk a cracker or a biscuit in the drink and then just eat. No problem!

How not to cool the tea

Among ordinary lovers of warm or cool tea may be those who prefer extreme ways of cooling. Experience shows that the most common option for newcomers in this business was, is and will be – freezer.
Oddly enough, the error in this simple case also happen if too much hurry.

As practice shows, if you can fit a tea Cup of boiling water between the frozen dumplings, cutlets and meat, nothing good will come of it. Freezer just "flow", while the tea still will keep the high temperature.