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Decide for what purpose you need a brick, because different types of construction materials have different properties. For example, the red brick is universal. It is possible to build the Foundation, wall or furnace; then as a white silicate brick is destroyed when exposed to high humidity, fire, etc. So it cannot be used for construction of load bearing buildings, and also for chimneys, fireplaces and stoves.
When choosing a brick, please note its specifications, but first and foremost on the ability to resist deformation. Indicator of strength is the brand that the product is denoted by a capital letter "M" with numbers. This digital value represents load, which is able to make bricks for one square centimeter. For example, the mark 150 indicates that the product can withstand 150 kg per 1 cm2.
Don't forget about the second important characteristic frost resistance. It is measured in cycles and is designated "MDE" or the Latin capital letter F. Be careful when purchasing the product be sure to view this indicator, because the brick with the lower cost can have a frost in 15 or 25 cycles, and for the Northern and Central regions it is better that after the symbol "SSE" was a figure 35.
Choosing red brick, make sure it contains pieces of burnt lime, otherwise over time it will begin to break down. To detect such inclusions is quite simple: just look at the cleavage of brick – its structure should be homogeneous, without white spots. Also do not take nedozhzhenny a brick, because he does not possess the necessary thermal stability and is unstable to moisture. To distinguish this product you will be able to mustard color and characteristic of a deaf sound (quality brick rings). Overburnt bricks are suitable for use in the construction only when they have black hearts and no broken form.