Default tone incoming call to "Skype" after a long use of boring, and a desire to change it. Ringtone format should be .wav, as other skype does not recognize. To create tunes in this format, you can use the converters, for example, FormatFactory—it is completely free and allows you to convert many file formats with optional settings of the conversion. Take a source file in any known format, paste in program, convert and ringtone ready.
So, to change the ringing tone of an incoming call, do the following: go to skype and click the top menu "Tools", then "Settings".
Next, open the Basic tab and select "Sounds".
In the "Choose sounds for events", select "melody", then "Select sound file". Here you can view the pre-installed sound files skype (the standard "Skype Ringtone (Modern)"), as well as to listen to by clicking on the green circle with the play icon, or completely disable sounds;
To download a new music file format .wav, click "Download audio files", and use the Explorer to specify the path to the melody. After downloading, it will appear in the list of "My sounds". Select it and hit "Save".
If something is made incorrectly, click "back to default settings". The melody will change to the standard, other settings, skype will not change. Ringtones for Skype can be found on the Internet. The procedure for changing the melodies are not particularly heavy and will require a maximum of 5-10 minutes of time. But it's nice to hear your favorite tune with an incoming call!