You will need
  • Outlook Express.
On different versions of Windows operating system setup procedure may differ slightly. But these differences are immaterial, since the principle of creating an account one. Start Outlook Express. A dialog box will appear in which you enter your name and surname. After that, proceed further. In the next window you must enter a valid email address, to put it simply, e-mail.
In the next window you need to select the type of incoming server messages. Now, often used the POP3 server. You also need to specify the SMTP server. For example, if you e-mail "Yandex" it will be After entering these settings, go ahead.
In the next window, in the string "an Account" enter your e-mail address, and in the line "Password" - the password to access your mailbox. After entering these parameters, go ahead. A dialog will appear stating that you have completed the account setup Outlook Express. Click "Finish".
Now you can use your account. When you run it, you will see several sections. In menu "tools" you can change account settings, for example, to change the name or email address.
To receive emails from the email box you need in the program menu select the "Mail" tab and then click "get mail". After a few seconds, Buda e-mail delivered to your Outlook Express profile.
If you want to configure automatic Internet connection after pressing the "get mail", it is possible to do so. Go to "Connection" and check the box next to "Connect using" and select the type of your Internet connection. Now every time you press "get mail" connection to the Internet is established automatically.