If you are a website owner and want to change the title of a particular page, included in its composition, and all pages on it are static (the content management system (CMS) is missing), open the HTML file with this page in a text editor. Right select the file encoding, if necessary, use the editor that allow switching encodings, or editor hosting opening directly in the browser. Search the HTML code for the following line:<title>page Name that appears in the tab title and window</title>Replace string with another, place to the server an updated version of the HTML file, and then reload the page in the browser. If nothing has changed, clear the browser cache, then reload the page.
On websites running the content management system (CMS), HTML files are generated automatically whenever they are requested by a visitor. The headers of all pages stored in the database. Look in the database the corresponding entry (as it to make - depends on which CMS you use). Change the string entered in the header of this page, and then save it. If the site works on the "engine" MediaWiki or similar, log in to your account, then click on the page on the link "Rename". Enter a new name for the page and save the changes.
If you wish to link to another page located on your website was different from the URL of this page, use the following HTML structure:<a href=http://server.domain/folder/another-folder/page.html>This is a link to another page!</a>When you hover over a link the mouse cursor the user will see in the lower left corner of the browser the URL to which this link leads. If the other page is located on the same server, instead of the full path to it, you can enter just the file name.
To place a link with a string that is different from the URL of the page in the forum that support tags with brackets, use a different construction:[URL=http://server.domain/folder/another-folder/page.html]This is a link to another page![/URL]the inclusion of such references to the code in the Wiki markup language will modify this construction so:[http://server.domain/folder/another-folder/page.html This is a link to another page!]If the page to which you refer, is part of the same wiki to refer to it differently:[[Страницаномер4|This link leads to the page number 4]]note: in the first two examples in this step, brackets, and single and one with double.