You will need
  • - rebuild your thinking;
  • - a notebook;
  • - handle;
  • - meditation;
  • pronunciation of affirmati aloud;
  • - development of emotions/
Do some deprogramming – "rebuild" your brain, clean it from unnecessary garbage. Get rid of beliefs is spinning in the head of programmes, spoiling the mood and prevents live. Destroy subliminal commands like: "All the freaks", "I'm afraid of the beautiful people", "I am guilty", "Laziness was born before me", "I must work", "Soon I will go around the world with your wallet" and many others, often unknowingly and ridiculous.
Keep in mind that the "cockroaches" have the power, yet they associated with any unconscious emotions. To subconscious the program ceased to operate, it is necessary to remove the emotional charge. For this you need to understand the emotion, to translate it from the subconscious to the conscious, fully having gone through it.
In order to pull his unpleasant emotions, use the technique of "intuitive writing." He is keeping a personal diary in which every day you should record the manifestation of another "cockroach" and look for the reason for it. For example, your diary may contain the following entry: "Today I was rude to mother-in-law, saying that her son is a wuss. My roach: all men make a lot of money, and my husband least of all". "The emotion that feeds my cockroach: envy. I'm terribly jealous of my neighbor, whose husband gave on the day of the birth of an expensive car". Next, you must realize that envy is a destructive feeling? and "crush" this "cockroach".
Meditate, if you can't get rid of the "cockroaches in the head" method of intuitive writing. Sit back, relax, turn the phones off, turn on relaxation music and passively observe your thoughts. Catch the "cockroaches" and don't let them spin a ball of endless monologue. Ask them to be quiet. Imagine how you press them. Here can help the following affirmations: "I am absolutely calm and free from any dogmas," "My brain works good for me", "My mind is clean and transparent, like a baby," "Now I don't think anything", "I'm never going to experience anger, envy, greed and fear", etc.
Release your emotions. Try to feel what's on your mind. Imagine what could happen in the worst case turn of events. Relive it, you can even cry if you want. Freed from these emotions you have all experienced and "worked".
Try to listen to less people. That is to listen to them? of course? necessary, but not worth all too close to take to heart. And if you are trying to convince "another cockroach", do not fall, keep their point of view.