You will need
  • for the video game NFS: Most Wanted;
  • - a computer with connection to the Internet.
The preservation of many computer games are interchangeable, i.e. you can copy the files "sohranki" from my friend and replace the old files. But if there is Internet, there is no reason to go to friends or comrades. Ready save you can download on the next page
On the loaded page, click on "Download" in the dialog box, select the option "Save". Then click "OK" or the Enter key and specify the directory to save the archive. After a few seconds the files will be uploaded.
Before unpacking the files, it is recommended to scan archive any antivirus product. If you still don't have installed and worked with utilities of this plan, it is recommended to download to hard drive free version of "Kaspersky" on the following link
If the Internet connection is not allows you to download large files, instead of the antivirus programs you can use online scanner. Open the following link click Choose file and specify the newly downloaded files. Then press Scan it and wait for test results. Upon detection of a virus it is highly recommended to delete the files and try to download another.
Now you can unpack the archive in any directory. Note the contents of the archive inside the rar archive you'll find two zip files. Unzip the required archive (completed all the missions or just the last one) and its contents move to the directory C:Documents and Settings\imapallowed документыNFS Most Wanted. In some versions of the operating system folder "My documents" has another name - My Documents.
Start the game and when a player is selected click on the line with a new name. In some cases, the new save cannot be loaded in the game. This problem occurs because of the long folder name with the save. Go back to the folder "My documents", press F2 (to rename), and save the profile name up to 3 letters. Press Enter and restart the game.