Get the status of a lawyer. To do this, finish high school on a speciality "jurisprudence". Then work in this area for at least two years. The alternative may be an internship during or after studying in a law office or legal advice. You will then be able to apply to the Board for registration of the status of a lawyer.
Contact the chamber of advocates by place of residence. The address you will be able to find on the website of the Federal chamber of the Russian Federation. Write the appropriate statement and return the exam to confirm their legal knowledge. Questions for this stage of control of the level of qualification can be found on the website of your regional bar Association. After that you will be able to obtain the status of a lawyer and an official document about this identity. On the basis of the person may conduct a practice both privately and in organizations.
Contact the chamber to create your Cabinet. To do this, send a registered letter with information about yourself. Enter your surname, name and patronymic and the address at which you intend to consult. After approval of your application and of your account, open a Bank account and get your print. Interact with different organizations you will as an individual entrepreneur, as the advocate's office does not provide for the creation of a legal entity.
Maintain regular contact with bar Association in your area. You will need to send them part of the reporting documentation, so record the relevant agreement each reference to you the customer for advice.
Check with the chamber of lawyers at your place of residence, the amount of deductions that you will have to pay back on a monthly basis for the functioning of the Cabinet.