You will need
  • Graphic editor Adobe Photoshop.
If the logo has yet to paint, get started with creating a transparent background layer. To do this, run Photoshop, create a new document - hit Ctrl + N or select the menu called "File" the item "Create". In the properties window of the new document, set the width and height corresponding to the size of the logo. In the drop-down list of "background Contents" choose "Transparent" and click OK.
Leave blank transparent background layer, and start working on the elements of the logo create a new layer. The easiest way to do copying is the only layer - press Ctrl + J. you Can, of course, do it by all the rules - call dialog on the screen create a new layer, to ask him a personal name, color coded in the list, set the transparency options. This dialogue is called by pressing the combination of "hot keys" Shift + Ctrl + N or by selecting "Layer" in the subsection "New" section of the "Layers" menu of the editor.
The process of creating a logo is not considered in this article, and when it is completed, save the output to a file of one of the graphic formats that support transparency. You can use the two option dialogs save. One of them is called by Shift + Ctrl + S or selecting "Save as" under "File" menu of Photoshop. In this dialogue you need to select format CompuServe Gif or Png from the dropdown list "files of Type". In addition to the extension, specify a name and location to save the logo file, and then click "Save".
Another option of the save dialog allows to choose the optimal ratio of quality to file size. Open it using the key combination Shift + Ctrl + Alt + S or select the line "Save for Web and devices" under "File" menu of the editor. Here to set the Gif format, Png-8 or Png-16 should be in the drop-down list placed in the upper right corner of the form. After that, adjust quality settings and click "Save".
If you need make transparent background of an already existing logo, but after the second step upload the second layer image. To do this, open the menu "File" and then click "Submit". In the dialog that opens, browse to and select the logo file, and then click "Submit".
Turn the tool "Magic wand" by clicking the corresponding icon on the toolbar or by pressing W. Move the pointer to each fragment of the background of the logo, click it, right-click and delete by pressing the Delete button. When this procedure is finished, save the result using one of the methods described in the third and fourth steps.