Press the menu button "start". Select "My computer". Basically, you can do this by double clicking on the icon "My computer" that is located in the upper left corner of your desktop. Before you open the window. Select the local disk, access to which you want to open. Click right mouse button and from the appeared menu choose "Properties". You will see a window.
Select the tab "Access". In it, scroll down and select "If you want to access the root folder of the drive, click here". Check the box next to "share this folder". You'll find it under "Network sharing and security". Then, specify the network name of the local disk to be displayed in the local network as a shared resource.
Check the box next to "Enable file change network" to open the local disk access. Then, other network users will be able to freely dispose of the information it contains.
To prevent various kinds of unpleasant moments related to the erroneous correction of the information, uncheck the option "Allow modification of files on the network" to information the selected the local disk available to other users only in read mode.
Apply the changes. To do this, click OK. If you did everything correctly, the selected shared disk will appear in "My computer" icon with an open palm.
To open the access to any separate folder, not the drive in General, do everything in accordance with the instructions described above. If you want to allow access to only certain users, enter their addresses in the network that only they had the right to view documents to open local drive.