You will need
  • cloth;
  • - zipper;
  • - buttons;
  • - elastic rubber band.
If you decide to sew for your dog overalls, then choose for this two kind of fabric, one for lining and one for the top. Better for padding to take the flannel and the main fabric to use plaschevka.
For the construction of the pattern you need to take basic measurements: the distance from the neck (base) to tail (this is the length of the back). To accurately determine the neck point, put on a dog collar, but so that it is not pushed too far. The resulting number is divided by 8 to determine the side length of the grid (square).
Now on paper draw a square of your grid side of which is equal to 1/8 of AB (segment AB is the measure of the length of the back). Find the pattern easy jumpsuit for small dog and drag her picture on their grid. Depending on what breed your pet is ready to adjust the pattern width of the legs (if needed). Remember what to do fit the width and length of the legs should be during the fitting. At the bottom of the legs better to collect the gum.
The result is to cut out you should have nine parts, not counting the belt. Cut them, giving allowances for seams no more than 2 cm Trim cut on the bias thread. Sweeps the the main parts, and slide the fitting, adjusting, if necessary, in size. If the provided jumpsuit belt, don't forget to make a drawstring. The neck of the jumpsuit, process piping together with a rubber band. Similarly, it is desirable to handle and the opposite part of the outfit.
For fasteners it is better to use wide Velcro, cut into several small pieces. In this case, the jumpsuit will not be "to get wrinkled". Sew the zipper under the flap. Alternatively, sew the unitard handles and pockets. Pens will be needed in order to make it convenient to hold the dog, and pockets to store pens. The joints can also insert the cord to the size you can adjust.