First, determine the place where you will have a water heater. Do it very accurately.
Calculate how much you will have water points, which will operate the water heater. Typically, they include a sink, a tub, possibly sink, etc. the number of such points will depend on the capacity of the heater.
Consult an electrician about your wiring. Consider the wire size, material and maximum load. In that case, if the transaction would not meet the requirements, run a new cable from the electrical panel.
Check the quality of your tap water. If the quality is pretty low, install additional water filters. The fact that the bad water can greatly reduce the lifespan of your water heater.
Select the type of water heater. Water heaters are storage and instantaneous, and the design they can be round, rectangular or flat.
First of all, carefully read the instructions in the heater installation, it defines all the features and details of the installation. The General algorithm consists of the following items:1. Unpack the heater
2. Check intact if all parts and devices, in the presence of all components
3. Secure the heater to the wall bracket included in the package
4. Connect the heater to the electricity
5. Connect the heater to the water supply
6. Ensure the supply of water, make a test connection
Install the heater as close as possible to the points of demand. In this case, it will lose less heat.
Very firmly fasten the heater on the wall. Should not be possible to move it to the side, carefully cultivate the heater of a large volume.
Verify that all connections of the heater is completely sealed and does not leak water.
Keep in mind that when you install the cumulative streaming and heaters, there are some nuances.When installing the water heater in advance to consider where you will mount it, because usually such heaters have large sizes. If the volume of the heater 200 liters, it is better to choose a floor mounting type.
When you install a tankless water heater will pay more attention to the wiring, find out the maximum load that it can withstand. Verify that the heater power corresponds to all characteristics.Successful you use the heater!