You will need
  • Water filter, watering can, pelvis
It is important to know not only how to water orchids, but what they throw. Ordinary water from the tap for this purpose is not suitable. Water in apartments, usually with hard – times is contraindicated such as orchids. In addition, the norm must be the acidity – pH - 6.
To get the suitable for irrigation water, can be filled by a big vessel and leave to stand for a few days. When the bottom will drop out the sediment, water must be poured in a thin stream into another container. In order to precipitate fell in purified water, the last few inches are not to pour is not necessary.
Best job of softening and purification of harmful impurities water filter.
Too soft water for orchids is also undesirable. If you bought distilled water, mix it in half with a conventional supernatant.
Also of importance is the temperature of the water. It should be warm, in the region of 30-45 degrees.
Each of the types of orchids need special irrigation regime. But there is a rule: to water the flowers only when soil is almost dry. To test this, dip in the earth a wooden stick to 3-4 cm. If it is dry, the Orchid is time water.
Water the plants evenly across the surface of the substrate, to the soil not formed from the funnel of a jet of water. Ensure no liquid gets in the leaf axils.
You can hold water procedures in the pelvis. Filling it with water, put back the pot of flowers and leave for 2 minutes. After that, drain the water and allow the flower to stand up to pot out the excess liquid.
One or two times a month is useful to arrange the Orchid bathing under a "shower". Place the flower in the tub and pour it from a watering can with very small holes. Then leave it for 15 minutes and then with a tissue gently remove any remaining moisture from the leaves.