Once you learn about pregnancy, do not delay your visit to the doctor. Cause of miscarriage in early pregnancy can be hormonal problems, which should be correct from the start. Most often the culprit of the interruption of pregnancy in the first trimester becomes a lack of the hormone progesterone. The doctor also will examine you, ask about state of health, previous illnesses, if necessary, appoint an examination and give directions.
Full and eat right. In the early stages of pregnancy is a bookmark and the formation of all organs of the fetus. A violation of the food, a strict diet, the use of harmful products may adversely affect the pregnancy. If you suffer from morning sickness – should not refuse to eat. Eat small portions, avoid spicy, fried, smoked dishes.
Do not take a hot bath, it can cause miscarriage. During pregnancy give preference to the soul. If you are engaged in fitness, choose together with the coach special exercises for pregnant women, or limit visits to the gym in the first trimester of pregnancy.
Do not lift heavy objects and try to rest more. Protect yourself from stressful situations at work and the impact of harmful factors on production. Take care of preventive measures against the virus, especially during epidemics and in winter time.
Discard bad habits and do not drink alcoholic beverages. This is best done before pregnancy, to avoid failures in the conception and cell division.
Be sure to discuss with your doctor the limitations in their sexual life. If there is a threat of miscarriage, it is better to abstain from sex, which can cause miscarriage.
If you experience severe pain in the lumbar region and lower abdomen, and also in the appearance of bloody or brown discharge from the vagina immediately call an ambulance. Waiting for the doctor to get some bed rest and try not to be nervous.