The first of the filters is called the Google sandbox. It applies to newly established sites. To get out of it is difficult, however, it is possible. The fact that this search engine uses the target rank. His idea is that the more the new site will have links from respected and proven sites, the more you will trust and Google. Thus, you can circumvent this filter.
The next filter you might want to get your resource - filter duplicate content (Duplicate Content Filter). It applies only to the sites which use already known to search the content indexed on other websites. Typically this filter only release the news of the site. Upon detection of such a situation is urgently needed changes in the content. In that case, if the content is stolen from you, and not you, first, go directly to the plagiarist. In addition, contact the hosting service and Google will notify them about what is happening.
Link Farming Filter is applied in that case Google will see your website in any auto directories generating links. Because such a filter the resource can not only lose the position, but also to get in ban. An exit here only one: more carefully about where exactly you are registering your website. The fact that there are other directories that are moderated. But because there take only trusted sites. To insure against the risk of being blocked is only one way: do not participate in such link-exchanges.
The name of the filter over-optimization speaks for itself. Google can count that the site is designed not for people but for bots, and therefore you can immediately get in ban. To avoid getting in the filter, observe moderation and do not overdo it with the keyword tags and words.