The simplest and most popular is to use the service of anonymizer. This service is designed for anonymous web surfing. The main advantage is that when using this method, the address of the target website is encrypted, making it impossible to track user activity. To use this method is very easy – just go to the address of the anonymizer, for example,, then enter the address of the website of interest and click "Go". You can also activate features such as disabling scripts, temporary files, and banners, which greatly facilitates surfing the web.
You can also use the services for traffic compression. They do not have such a function, as the rendering of web surfing, however, will seamlessly allow you to go to websites that are blocked by the filter. A significant disadvantage of this method is that when a free use of the waiting time of page loading can take a long time, the priority for such services is given to paid users.
The most versatile option is to use a browser like Opera mini. Significant difference from other browsers is that all the information that is downloaded through it first passes through a proxy server where it is compressed, and only then sent to the computer. With this browser you can surf the web, guided by only one limitation – with it, you will not be able to view the video online. However, in order to view websites that are filled with textual and graphic information, it fits perfect. Keep in mind that it was originally designed for mobile phones, so you need to work on the computer, you'll need a java emulator.