The smell occurs primarily when a cat box late and carelessly removed. For this reason, the cat may choose a toilet corner in the living room or your favorite chair. Sand and Newspapers are not justified, and better to spend money on cat litter than air freshener and cleaning products. Try to pick up another filler, for example, change the wood to the mineral. Clumping fillers is very convenient - you remove only the soiled areas, other filler is in the tray. Manufacturers now offer a large selection of budget and expensive tools. Very well established silica gel. If you have a tray with a grate on the bottom you can pour a little water. I like to clean the toilet on time. Even if the package with the filler that it can be changed once a week, try to do it more often.
запах кошки как избавиться
Eliminate odor will help treatment surrounding the pan space, or a spoiled cat places chemical means. Simple washing with water will not help here, unfortunately. You can choose the neutralizers odor from pet shops or you can do home remedies. Well help solutions manganese, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide. Using them, make sure the surface you apply them, able to make such an impact. A favorite by many owners of bleach and all the tools based on it, oddly enough, can lead to the opposite effect – to strengthen an unpleasant smell or repel the cat from the treated bleach tray and force her to look for another secluded place. On assurances of some cat owners helps treatment the toilet and soiled areas with a strong solution of soda or soap.
как избавиться от запаха кошек в квартире
Masking and reducing the odor recommend natural essential oils of peppermint, tea tree. Remember that all cats hate the smell citrus – scrub the surface with lemon peel, and pet, snorting, retires.
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