First, consider the situation. You need to know what can be demanded from the child, what level of responsibility consistent with his age. Realize that parenting tool is your personality, your example and the conditions that you create at home. The basis of responsible, moral education, so teach your child to universal values, what is socially acceptable, what is not, what is good, what is evil.
Set clear and consistent rules in the family, if your child is in early age. This will allow him to feel the boundaries of the world, your reliability and lay concepts of danger and safety, which is the basis for a responsible attitude towards life, health. Provide the flexibility of family rules and traditions, if the child is already a teenager. With the maturation of boundaries should be expanded.
Attach behind the child feasible duties. Counselor magazine "Mother and child" Julia Vasilkina uses the concept of "zones of responsibility". In every age they are different: it could be toys, a bed and your appearance, and Pets, and domestic responsibilities at different levels. Age 5-7 years – perfect for laying the foundations for responsible behaviour, this extends the motor and intellectual capacities of the child, the scope of its activities.
Give your child the opportunity to experience the consequences of failure to perform their duties, even if it is negative. This increases children's awareness. Show that it is a personal responsibility for every action and inaction. Talking with the children, try together to predict the consequences of a choice, develop the ability to analyze, to foresee the outcome of situations.
Encourage autonomy in the personal interests of the child: Hobbies, games, personal items, toys. Encourage initiative, especially if it suggests that the child thought before committing the act, you may not like the solution or it was not optimal. Discuss and analyze it, but don't upset, don't insult. Learn to trust and communicate with the child on an equal footing – this is important in fostering a sense of responsibility.