First and foremost, smile. A smile is a reliable means of appeal. Smile and see how your friends and passers-by attracted to you.
In the conversation, always try to be tactful. Do not hurt a friend, do not condescend, and do not put in an awkward position. Your minute "burn", even the most successful, can cause aversions to you for a long time.
Be open to communication. Better make a joke about yourself than about others. All know that to laugh at yourself can only be worthy and confident person, and such people are always in the spotlight.
Give up gossip. Of course, you'll always find a friend who is happy with you will "wash up bones" for others. But this man, in another company will "wash up bones" and you.
Don't flatter. A dangerous mistake, when flattery to confuse with blatant compliments. A compliment is a sincere assessment of any fact or action, and flatterers want the same thing – a response of praise. People will not respect you if you flatter everyone and for any occasion.
Master the technique of "active listening". For the interviewee it is important that it listened carefully. It is not enough to look in the mouth". Learn how to use non-verbal communication: gestures, facial expressions and intonation, and your communication will be more harmonious.
And last: don't forget: "meet on clothes". Try to look always perfectly. Clothing should be ironed, hairstyle and manicure should be on top. You should be confident in their appearance, whatever may be nervous about some things, like ruffled hair.
Enjoy your communication!