Good effect on the skin under the eyes will have a massage. To do it should be in the evening after removing makeup. Apply a nourishing cream or a little olive oil and a gentle circular motion Pat skin around the eyes (lower eyelid – from the outer corner to the inner, upper Vice versa). Remember, strong pressure you to anything – so you will provoke the appearance of new wrinkles. Then go over the skin with light tapping movements.
Get yourself a special line of skin care, smoothing out wrinkles under the eyes and generally improves skin condition. A must for your Arsenal are special means for removing make-up (lotion or two-phase liquid) and cream (gel) to the skin around the eyes. What to choose, it is better to consult with a beautician and buy them in a specialty store or pharmacy.
When applying the cream do not smear it and try to impose a point of avoiding stretching of the skin. Pay attention to products with a gel structure, they are quickly absorbed and is often suitable for sensitive eyes.
There are folk remedies for wrinkles under the eyes. For example, a warm mashed potato mix with cream and apply on the eye area for about twenty minutes, and then rinse with water.
Consult a good beautician in a beauty salon and undergo a special procedure to get rid of wrinkles under the eyes. In salons, as a rule, use a range of procedures and work on professional cosmetics. The result will not keep itself waiting.
If all previous steps have no effect or problem is clearly running, there are more radical methods. Consult a doctor-cosmetologist, you may suggest injection of botulinum toxin (Botox, Dysport), chemical and laser peels, mesotherapy (subcutaneous injection) or something else. These procedures should not be feared, it is only thoroughly learn about the professionalism of the doctor and clinic you see.