Advice 1: How to get rid of wrinkles

Wrinkles is an essential attribute of past years, which inevitably appear on the face of the person, whether man or woman. Most often they can be seen around the eyes, forehead, corners of the mouth. So the question of getting rid of wrinkles of concern to all. Today taken various measures in order to find a universal means for combating wrinkles.
How to get rid of wrinkles

Quite a fashionable way today is considered a specialized system of exercises for facial muscles. To get rid of wrinkles quickly with hasbinding possible, according to experts, in the early stages, because the essence of this system is to make the facial muscles strong, which helps to improve the support of the skin. If concerned with the first wrinkles on their traditional appearance areas on the forehead and around the eyes, then, in the proper exercise of hasbinding, it is possible for some time to get rid of them.

Approximately thirty exercises that are included in the set of hasbinding allow almost for a week to see the first results in the fight against wrinkles: is changing the color and structure of the skin, the surface becomes firmer, gradually smooth wrinkles.

Experts say that of the thirty available to the exercises, every woman can select your own individual combination with which she will try to get rid of wrinkles.

Following the recommendations of experts, hasbinding need to do every day, at the same time classes one chooses for himself. For example, before bedtime, you can take a few minutes to explore the area around the eyes, lips, forehead and neck. For a start it is recommended not to strain and to do the exercises five times. To increase the load gradually, increasing the frequency of exercise up to twenty.

Experts hasbinding recommend to start training with approximately twenty five years. But it is worth considering the fact that zealous in this age should not be. The appearance of the first wrinkles is a sign of that it is necessary to proceed to more intensive studies that will help to return the appropriate muscles of the face and neck, and even to get rid of double chin.


Advice 2 : How to get rid of deep wrinkles

Deep wrinkles – is an unfortunate sign of aging of the skin. They represent undesirable folds occurring on the face, neck, hands and other parts of the body. Modern medicine develops new technologies for removing and preventing wrinkles, but to get rid of them and natural way.
How to get rid of deep wrinkles
Extremely useful for skin home remedies, just they can effectively combat deep wrinkles. The treatment method is very simple and will not require much time.
So, in the first place is an effective vitamin E, which not only prevents aging of the skin, but also addresses chronic wrinkles. You need to apply a little oil solution of the vitamin for wrinkles before bedtime. The result will not take long to wait!
Olive oil makes skin soft, nourishes it, moisturizes and cleanses. No wonder the current beauticians use this oil to create creams and masks. Daily use of olive oil changes the better appearance of the skin, ridding it of the unattractive wrinkles.
In ancient Egypt used special popularity the aloe Vera juice. They were treated with multiple skin lesions. It is this plant and to this day is called the plant of immortality. aloe Vera is a wonderful healer for our skin. Juice perfectly smoothes even the deepest wrinkles. It is necessary to apply the SAP to the skin, it is instantly absorbed, leaving no greasy residue.
Chamomile – this is a useful flower that take care of the skin. Chamomile extract even our grandmothers gave their skin a healthy and well-groomed appearance. To do is very easy: a spoonful of flowers and mix with a couple glasses of water and boil for ten minutes. In this broth to moisten a clean towel and apply this compress on the face. After the procedure wash your face with water and smear the skin with a nourishing cream.
For the treatment of deep wrinkles perfect infusion of vodka with lemon. One glass of vodka you will need one large lemon. It is necessary to insist not less than ten days. For smoothing wrinkles, moisten a cotton pad in the infusion and apply for ten minutes on the affected with wrinkles place. When using this tool smooths the skin and constrict the pores.
You can make egg white mask against wrinkles: mix up egg yolk with a teaspoon of honey and one tablespoon of oatmeal instead of oatmeal to get oat flour. Apply the paste on the face, fifteen minutes, rinse with boiled warm water.
Useful advice
There are various methods helps to smooth out wrinkles at any age, it is and some diet, a rejuvenating massage, the use of cosmetics. And with regular use these methods, you can fully restore elasticity to your skin and to get rid of wrinkles.
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