Advice 1: How to tighten the skin around the eyes

The skin around the eyes is the most delicate and vulnerable, and therefore they age faster. It happens that the face remains young, but age given the treacherous crow's feet and sagging eyelids. What to do, how to tighten the skin? On the miraculous properties of creams and masks to calculate costs only in the case that the situation is not too bad. Otherwise you'll have to resort to more radical means.
How to tighten the skin around the eyes
If your eyelids have not sagged badly enough, it is easier to prevent and delay the onset of adverse age-related changes. Use morning and evening, good moisturizers for the skin care around eyes. Every day massage the eyelids with ice cubes made from green tea or chamomile. Then the skin will remain elastic, and small sagging leaves.
If the skin around your eyes is hanging quite noticeable, and you are ready to hire the services of a plastic surgeon, you may want to pay attention to the lifting hardware. The results are sometimes no worse than the effect of the operation. Lot of methods, but is particularly well tightens eyelids Thermage. This method affects the deep layers of the skin by the introduction of energy 6 MHz. The result is a heating of the dermis and hypodermis to 50-60 degrees, it leads to damage to the collagen fibers which then begin to vigorously synthesized. The result is a smooth and supple skin that is very tight to the muscle immediately after the procedure, and in addition more and tightens the underlying tissue, creating a kind of corset. The result from Thermage lasts about six months, then the procedure must be repeated – the only drawback (besides the fact that it is not cheap). But there is no postoperative period, immediately after Thermage to start living your normal life.
If you don't like the idea of resorting to non surgical facelift every six months, perhaps. do the blepharoplasty. This eyelid surgery will give a much more lasting effect. It will eliminate the overhang of the upper eyelid, clean "bags" under the eyesof AMI, wrinkles around the eyes. The technique is as follows: the plastic surgeon makes an incision in the upper eyelid crease at palpebrale and removes excess skin and fat protrusion. In the area of the lower eyelid the incision is carried out along the ciliary edge, and through him also removed all superfluous. The patient is then sutured, which will be removed only 3-6 days after the surgery. To return to a normal way of life, not to impress others at the risk of swelling and bruising is possible with good cards in 10-14 days. But the risk of complications exist.

Advice 2: How to choose cream from wrinkles around the eyes

Female age are treacherous wrinkles around my eyes. To prevent "crow's feet" and make less visible wrinkles, you need to use effective beauty products. First mate of the fair sex in the age of "30" will become anti-wrinkle creams around the eyes.
How to choose cream from wrinkles around the eyes
Timely care of the skin around the eyes will help to avoid the formation of deep wrinkles. To use anti-wrinkle creams around the eyes should be started after 25 years, but the facility should have a preventive effect. To deal with visible wrinkles after 35 years.

How to be a wrinkle cream for the skin

An effective cosmetic remedy for wrinkles differs in its composition from normal face cream. Due to the fact that the cream is applied to care for the delicate eyelid skin, the product must undergo ophthalmologic examination. Therefore, when buying a jar or a tube search for the appropriate marking on the packaging.

Cream from wrinkles around the eyes should have a light consistency, its composition should not be much of active ingredients. Most often anti-aging contains precious oils – wheat germ, jojoba, avocado, almond, grape seed.

For day care, cosmetologists advise to choose cream from wrinkles for the skin with UV filters. This tool will protect the delicate skin around the eyes, for night use need the traditional cream without filters.

The nuances of choosing a cream for wrinkles around the eyes

Of course, the wrinkle cream for the skin is not an absolute panacea for "crow's feet", however, its regular use will keep the freshness of the skin around the eyes in the long term. To slow down the process of aging this cream should provide the moisture and nutrition of skin.

After 25 years you should choose the skin creams anti-age with estrogen, they retain moisture and prevent dryness of the epidermis, sagging. After 35 years means you need to change to a cream anti-rides, makeup with lifting effect. This product will tighten the skin and maintain its elastichnost, align existing wrinkles. Use anti-aging cream ahead of time is not recommended because the lifting means can have a negative effect on young skin.

Pay attention to the pH level selected cream. It needs to be neutral so that in case of contact with eyes tool did not cause irritation mucous. Assess the composition for the presence of preservatives – they are necessary, but if the skin is overly sensitive, you should pick the cream without additives. While it is preferable to use a cosmetic product in tube – it won't get bacteria.
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