Use to connect the speakers to the amplifier cable of sufficient cross-section. First measure the resistance of the speaker system in the usual ohmmeter, not touching the terminals and probes in order to avoid influence of the voltage of self-induction. Learn from the instructions to the amplifier or of the rear wall, how much power he develops under load with the same resistance. If you have specified that the impedance of your speakers to the amplifier too low, enjoy other.
Calculate the current that will pass through the cable. To do this, use the following equations:U=IR; U=P/I, hence P/I=IR, P=(I^2)R, I^2=P/R therefore:I=sqrt (P/R), where I is the current in the cable, And the P - amplifier output power, W, and R is the resistance of the speakersin Ohms.
Cable be sure to use copper and stranded. Practice shows that special expensive speaker cables improve sound slightly, so if you are not an audiophile, use the normal cable available for sale at the store of electrical products. It section select in accordance with the table: Pre-measure the distance from amplifier to each speaker. In the store ask them to cut the cable with some slack.
With each of the parties will clean up both the cable conductor for a length of about 8 mm, and then saladita to the conductors better held in the clamps of terminals. The isolation of lived mark with a red marker on both sides (to search for the opposite end of the wires, use the ohmmeter). If the colored wire insulation, wire marking is not necessary.
Unplug the amplifier. To insert the core into the terminal block, pull the plastic lever to the side opposite the hole for the conductor, insert the conductor, and then return the lever into place. Guided by the labels or colors of insulation, depending on the type of cable, connect the red and black terminal of the amplifier to the terminals of the columns having the same color. If the polarity is confused, the column will not deteriorate, but may significantly deteriorate the stereo image, or to drop the volume.
Connecting both speakers, turn on the amplifier and the desired component stereocomplex, then check the operation of acoustic systems.