Format .iso is used to create exact copies of CDs and DVDs that duplicate not only the data from the original, but also contain system information: "remember" file attributes, folder structure, headers and so on. Files .iso is also called a disk image.
Very often you can find computer games that are distributed in format .iso. To read such a file, you need to install on your PC a special application for creating images and virtual drives emulation. These programmes include Alcohol 120%, DAEMON Tools, but at the same time you can open the file and a simple archiver such as WinRAR or WinZIP.
To use the iso file as a simple disk, you must mount it a image on a virtual drive. To do this, run one of the programs, such as DAEMON Tools and select the job Tools menu("Tools") Add an IDE Virtual Drive ("Add IDE virtual drive"). Wait until you will create a new virtual drive.
Click the icon to the newly created disk, right-click and select the context menu Mount Image ("Mount image"). Additional window will open where you must specify the path to the file in the format .iso that is stored on your computer.
When the disk image will be mounted on a virtual drive, can close the program. Click "My computer". You will see that after all local and removable drives added another drive. Now you can work with it like any other drive, for example, to view the folders or run the files you need.
To remove a virtual drive, run the program again, which you created, and select in menu Tools the Remove command IDE Virtual Drive, confirm their actions in the query window. The drive will be removed together with the disk image. If you need information from the new iso file, you can not delete a virtual drive and just mount the image to the new drive.