Pick up and install into the computer any program-emulator. These applications today there are many - for example, you can use Alcohol 120%, Daemon Tools, UltraISO , etc. you can Find them on the disks at computer stores or downloaded through the Internet sites of manufacturers, most of which offer simplified versions of these free programs or trial period, lasting from two weeks to a month.
After installing the application launch it and select the menu command to mount the disk image. Each program has its own interface, so to give a clear indication of exactly where you should look for this command is impossible. For example, if you select UltraISO, open the menu section "Tools" and select "Mount to virtual drive". This team is here designated "hot key" F6 - you can use it.
What app you use, after selecting the mount should appear in the search dialog of the file with the desired disk image. In UltraISO this form contains a dropdown list listing the available virtual drives in which the image can be mounted. The list is posted in the first line, and the next there is an ellipsis button - press to open an additional window and use it to find the correct iso file. If desired, the full path can be entered manually in the text box under "image File".
After selecting the file click, launching the process of mounting the image. In the program UltraISO it is placed in the lower left corner of the form and has the inscription "Mount". This application handles the process without any external effects - no information message or other indication of progress or completion of a transaction.
Install the game from a virtual drive that mounted the. iso image. If you have used UltraISO, click at the top of the form (if you hover the mouse pointer tooltip "startup"). This will result in the run menu of the disc, which you need to select the install option. If the game does not require installation, you can immediately start to use it.