You will need
  • - stone fruit;
  • - toothpicks;
  • - a glass of water.
One of the most frequent guests on the windowsills of Russian citizens is citrus. Lemons, oranges, tangerines, grapefruits and limes. After you ate the juicy pulp, soak a bone in his mouth for a few minutes, and then put it in the ground. So plants includes the fastest, while the lemon will grow well and brush that had lain a few days on a saucer.
If you get fruit from your citrus, it will happen years from seven to ten, and they will not be similar to that sweet fruit that you once took in the store. Wishing to get not just beautiful but also's a fruit tree, it is better to take care of how to graft citrus. This can be done when the plant is one and a half years.
Germinate well in indoor conditions and grenades. For this you just need to dig a pre-washed bone in the ground an inch and a half. Looks grown from bone granatniy very aesthetically pleasing: it grows as a shrub or multi-stemmed trees. Pomegranate bloom begins earlier, at three or four. On the plants the flowers are of three types: male, female and bisexual. Housing conditions pomegranates ripen very long, but the plant, due to its visual appeal and longevity, has a chance to become a favorite of the whole family.
At home you can grow and avocado. When selecting fruit, pay attention to the ripe fruit. If you still got unripe avocado, let it soak for several days. Carefully remove the fruit from the seed, remove peel and stick the sharp end into the ground to a depth of two to three centimeters.
You can sprout the pit before planting. To do this, insert it three or four a match or toothpick at the middle of the bone, and then put the seed in water-filled glass. In this case the sharp end of avocado should touch the water, and the floss should not give the bone to fall into the glass. After two or three weeks at the sharp end see the roots. After that avocado can be planted in the ground, burying the bottom end for 2-3 cm.