Advice 1: How to grow longan in home

Longan is a delicious tropical fruit from the family spindown. Translated from the Vietnamese name of this fruit means "dragon eye". Despite the fact that his appearance is indeed a bit frightening, the fruits have amazing taste and a pleasant aroma.
How to grow longan in home
Longan is an evergreen tree with dense, spreading crown. Longan for the first time appeared in China. Today, this subtropical plant can be found between the elevations. A tree moves South of freezing to -3 degrees. The taste of longan may be different. So, in Thailand it is more like grapes, and in Vietnam – berry cocktail.

Health benefits of longan

Longan fruit is very useful. It slows down the aging of body cells and beneficial effect on the skin. If you include this fruit in your daily diet, then after a while you will notice not only improve the skin but also the body as a whole.

In long an contains huge amount of vitamins and minerals: potassium, iron, zinc, copper, phosphorus and vitamins A, C and B. the composition of the fruit includes substances, well protect the liver from toxins and chemicals.

"Dragon's eye" is able to relieve fatigue, dizziness, and vertigo, to soothe, improve vision and memory. In addition, it normalizes sleep, relieves heat and temperature. It does not contain fats and proteins. The content of carbohydrates in 100 grams of fruit up to 14 grams, and calories – 60 cal.

Growing longan at home

Buy longan in Russia is difficult. He, like many other exotic fruits are rarely imported to domestic stores. But if you managed to get it, but don't throw away the seed of the longan, as it can be easy to grow tree.

Remove the bone from the pulp of the fruit and dry it on a napkin for one or two days. After that, wrap the plant material in cotton, slightly damp cloth, and place the workpiece on the pallet, which will need to cover with plastic wrap.

Longan, as a rule, grows only under the condition of constant humidity and high temperature, and therefore do not forget, after drying, spray the fabric with wrapped her in a bone from a spray. Through one-two weeks the seed will have to form a small spine.

Prepare a pot and fill it with loose fertile soil and a drainage layer, then drop it sprouted the seed to a depth equal to six inches. The spine must look down.

The first sprouts you will see after 14 days, and after a few weeks the sprout longan reach two to three centimeters. Further cultivation of longan is similar to care of such tropical plants from seeds, but it should be remembered that at first it grows very quickly, and then you will notice stop its growth. This happens when it reaches 15 inches in height, and then it grows much slower.

Advice 2: How to grow grapes from seed

From the small seeds of grapes purchased on the market, you can grow a real vine! In order to have in your home fruited own grapes, you must know the secrets of planting this plant.
How to grow grapes from seed
As a rule, plants grown from seedsbegin to bear fruit 4-5 years of life, sometimes later. There are precocious varieties that can begin to bear fruit in the second year.
Pits on seeds are best taken from new varieties that are resistant to disease. Seeds themselves take his sight from the good berries are separated from the pulp and washed under running water.
After washing, the bones must be put in a wet nylon bag, and then put it in a regular plastic bag and put in the fridge. Periodically, the bones should be taken out and cleaned. After one or two month bones start to crack, what is the main sign of readiness for landing.
Hatched bone needs to be placed on a damp cloth and put in a couple of days to the battery. As soon as the seeds appear white roots, you should plant them in pots with fertile soil (1 part sand and 2 parts compost) to a depth of 1.5 cm. the Pots should be placed in a warm, Sunny place is optimal on the window sill.
After a week above ground, you should see sprouts. Further to care for them, as for all plants: time to water, to loosen and fertilize the soil.
In early summer the plants can be transplanted into large pots and put on the balcony, you can also plant the vine in the garden.
Before winter the vines need to twist the ring, cover with earth and cover with the covering materials until the spring. Pruning of plants should be made only after it began to bear fruit.
Growing grapes from seeds is quite a troublesome task. If you want to grow grapes, not for ornamental functions, and for food and wine, then you need a whole plantation of these plants, which are easiest to grow from seedlings ready.
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