Communication and clicks are the Most common methods of earnings on the Internet clicks on links, filling out questionnaires, surveys, chat on forums, writing reviews. For this kind of work does not require special knowledge, it is easy and accessible to almost every Internet user, but the price for such a simple action is appropriate – small.
Earnings for file storage Is that you place the files, distribute the link and for each download you get a reward. It is important to find useful information that are in high demand, then this kind of earnings can generate a steady income.
Social network With the development popularity of social networks on them was possible to earn. Usually this type of income includes writing comments, joining groups, and other simple actions. If you put more effort and create a group with several thousand participants, it will be possible to advertise for money or just to sell.
Creation of sites to order If you have knowledge in web design, web programming or other similar areas, then your knowledge can be useful in the Internet. Customers who want a comfortable and beautiful site, but do not know how to create them, turn for help to the professionals. On special exchanges can offer their services and to find a customer.
Writing articles Websites without content will be of interest to visitors, so there is a need for "authors of articles". Some articles require special knowledge and skills, but there are simple themes that everyone understands, and can write ordinary man.
Creating your website your Own website, full of interesting information and have high attendance, can afford to make large amounts of money. One method of advertising that involves posting on the website banners, links, teasers, etc. you Can create a website with useful functions and services for which users will pay (e.g. a Dating site). Another opportunity to earn on your website – promote it and then sell it.