You will need
  • The computer, connection to the Internet, the initial computer skills and a strong desire to earn.
In the Internet there are websites, by going to which you will be able to get the money. This method is called "click". You need to register in the system to open electronic purse, then by going to a specific website, you will be transferred the money. In one such log on to the website you may receive from one to five cents. The amount is small, but when you consider that a great many sites, you can earn a good amount.
Freelance. This is another way to earn money. This method is very popular in the Internet. For this you need to register on the sites involved in these works. This can be a website, and many other resources. The essence of this work is to write unique texts on various topics (copywriting and rewriting), graphic design-the design of sites, site maintenance (content management), etc.
How to earn <strong>money</strong> <em>the Internet</em> <b>home</b>
In the Internet there are also other ways of earning, from printing the document in Word format with a scanned file, prior to the development and promotion of sites. It all depends on your skills. You choose.
How to earn <strong>money</strong> <em>the Internet</em> <b>home</b>