You will need
  • - nails in length;
  • knife;
  • - a wooden beam;
  • circular saw;
  • - a heater.
Getting siding installation, thoroughly prepare the surface of the country house. Repair corners of walls and various protrusions and depressions, since the outer side of the sheathing after installation, they will instantly be given. Take a look around the home and eliminate any items that come into contact with the walls, including the trees and vines. Then remove the downpipes, eaves and shutters that can interfere with the sheathing of the house.
Erect the crate. Use the dry planks and beams spanning the building height or width. Having decided on the construction of metal frame, be galvanized profile. Adjusting the step of sheathing, focus on the distance between the holes used for attaching siding.
For horizontal siding, install sheathing vertically, for vertical, respectively horizontal. Reiki to nail walls with nails, placing them at a distance of 0.3 m from each other. Along the lower and upper boundaries of the region of installation of the siding panels around Windows, doorways and other openings, install additional slats. If necessary, lay the insulation. Use this mineral wool, foam or the like.
Siding panels tend to shrink and expand with temperature changes of the environment. So when fixing place between them required clearance: when installing fascia in winter, leave 1 cm in the summer – 0.5 cm If you want to customize the panel under a certain length or to trim the edges, prepare a knife and a circular saw.
Installation of horizontal siding start, locking panels from the bottom up. The next panel with the previous match until it clicks into place and gently push it up, then nail. Make sure the are not strained and are not stretched, and was in a natural form. Under the nail head when driving leave 1 – 1.5 mm.