A month ophthalmologist can determine the presence of glaucoma, cataract, congenital strabismus or nystagmus. In two years you can diagnose amblyopia. Further, visual acuity, binocular function, refraction, and color vision test for admission to the school, 11 and 14-15 years.
It is not necessary to wait for a scheduled scan, if your child complains that he seeing double, he doesn't see far or near and so on. Immediately contact your doctor, who will conduct maintenance inspection and, if necessary, appoint additional examination. Only after establishing the exact cause of the deterioration of vision can begin to correct it.
If the child of preschool age, try to get him a place in a specialized kindergarten, where classes are held, developing visual perception, actively stimulating vision. Ask the doctor in the clinic, is there a set of Advisory-therapeutic group or in the centers of vision correction.
Children with amblyopia and strabismus require the development of stereoscopic vision. Help outdoor games such as badminton, ping-pong, basketball, gorodki, volleyball. While playing, children learn to determine the distance to objects and between them. The visually impaired will help with foosball, hockey, Billiards. Regardless of the causes of visual impairment, the child will be helpful design to stereoscopic and binocular vision develop.
If the student appeared myopia, limit his time working at a computer, provide comfortable work space for homework. Plays an important role and lighting. Equip the Desk with a lamp, whose light can be sent. It needs to fall on the notebook on the opposite side of the arm that he writes. Try to keep the light source was hidden from the eyes of a child.
Engage with the child. Teach him how to do the following eye exercises:- while seated or standing to look left, then right, while the head is not rotated;- the initial position of the same, only this time look to raise up, then lower down, after circle view room at the maximum of the trajectory;- to relieve stress can do a lot of squinting for 5 seconds, then open your eyes and blink rapidly for a minute; to stand or sit near the window, focus on a point in front of him, and then to shift gaze to a point in the distance;- the principle is the same but now you need not look out the window, and on finger outstretched hands, gradually bringing it to his nose.