The cause of skin itching is the cholestasis of the pregnant. Increasing the level of bile acids and aminotransferase leads to irritation of receptors of the skin. Usually there are small variations in the results of functional tests of the liver. In some cases, itching is accompanied by jaundice. To reduce stagnation of bile rebuild your diet, eat a fractional, small portions, 5-6 times a day. Eliminate fried and spicy foods.
To combat cholestasis take choleretic drugs allowed during pregnancy. Contact your doctor, he will recommend the most effective and safe means. Start taking activated charcoal, it absorbs bile acids.
Several times a day, take a shower, the water washes away the remnants of bile acids, which are allocated on the surface of the skin. After a shower do not wipe, first lubricate the skin with a neutral lotion or baby oil. Well hydrated skin is stretch mark prevention, even one of the causes of itching skin in pregnancy.
Itching may appear as a result of allergic reactions to food. During pregnancy many women are changing taste preferences. Resulting from the consumption of some exotic foods that are not typical for the usual diet that may have an allergic reaction. In this case, eliminate them from the diet and consult a doctor, he will prescribe antihistamines that are safe for baby.
Often during pregnancy there is itching in the vagina. The change in the level of hormones promotes the restructuring of the vaginal microflora, the result is the reproduction of conditionally pathogenic microorganisms. The most frequent pathology — candidiasis, which is accompanied by itching, burning and secretions of cheesy character. Hand swab of the vagina, depending on the causes (candidiasis, bacterial vaginosis, etc) the doctor will prescribe treatment. Include in the diet are dairy products — kefir, yogurt, Narine. They contain helpful bacteria that will help restore the vaginal flora.